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AnnaBlendz Classes FAQ *Edited*

By Tuesday, July 14, 2015 (MDT) 12 Comments


There has been an overwhelming response to the AnnaBlendz LIVE series – Thank you.

I did not expect for the first class to be sold out in the first 24 hours.

AnnaBlendz is a roaring success. Check class dates and sign up.

There have also been a lot of questions which are answered below.

Is the content of the AnnaBLendz LIVE classes the same as the blending videos that were available in the store?

The new AnnaBlendz will cover the same basic content from the pre-recorded videos and MUCH more –  We go more in depth, with more examples, and you will be exposed to new ground-breaking content such as which photos to use for blending and how to select and create your own artsy backgrounds to create your composites.

The 4 previous videos were each 15-25 minutes and covered the bare essentials of blending. The AnnaBlendz LIVE series is divided into 3 separate classes (101, 102 and 103 – beginner, intermediate and advanced) and delivered over a period of 3 weeks to allow assimilation of the all material being shared. I make a promise to share EVERYTHING I know about blending and I deliver.

Each class is approximately 2 hours long for at least 6 hours of class time. I typically teach for 5 hours of that allotment depending on the number of questions asked and the interest level of each participant.

The intent of the live interactive format is to enable me to tailor the class in real-time to suit your specific needs. For example, more detail on specific components of the course is provided based on the questions asked. There is much flexibility in the core content and you will be able to watch me work in real time in an unrehearsed format.

What is the class size for this course?

I have experimented with class size and have found 30 students being the optimal number to engage with those who wish to participate and answer questions during class.  Classes are limited to 30 students.

Will there be more AnnaBlendz LIVE classes?

AnnaBlendz LIVE series will repeat on a monthly basis at different days and times to suit a variety of preferences, schedules and time zones. New class schedules will be published at least a month prior to class.

Will the AnnaBlendz LIVE series be available for purchase or download in the store?

This is an option to consider but not planned for the foreseeable future.

My schedule is too busy/I prefer not to attend a live class/Do I have to actually attend the event?

In my teaching experience, I believe there to be great benefit to the interactive learning environment and hope that you will also see this as a great opportunity to connect with me and learn everything I know about blending.  That said, I realize that this is not everyone’s preference and I respect that.

Each of the 3 sessions is recorded and the replay is sent to each paid participant within hours of the session. This recording is yours to download and watch as many times as you like. I also make the .PSD files used during class available for download .

You are free to enroll in AnnaBlendz LIVE without the intention of intention of attending. I do ask that you let me know at the time of enrollment so that I have a good gauge of numbers participating, especially in light of the larger class size.

Every paid participant will also have access to a private AnnaBlendz Facebook group in which you can converse with me and fellow class mates should you have questions about AnnaBlendz LIVE. This group is for AnnaBlendz students run by AnnaBlendz student. I answer questions and provide feedback however all important communication is shared via class email only.

Will you offer the AnnaBlendz LIVE series as individual classes? 

The AnnaBlendz LIVE series was tested by a pilot group of students and I am very confident in the format. Each part prepares you for the next and classes are spaced at an appropriate amount to enable you to assimilate all the information provided in this intensive course.

There is opportunity to learn something new at every level and so the AnnaBlendz LIVE series will be offered as a 3 part course only.

What equipment to I need to participate?

Classes are conducted in Citrix Go To Meeting which allows for 2 way communication. Each attendee will need a a microphone or headset if planning on conversing with me throughout class. You will access each class via a link sent to your email a few days prior to each event. I will demonstrate techniques by sharing my computer screen and  then you’ll be able to ask questions or request further detail after each section just as you would in a regular classroom. Note that I will ask that you turn your microphone off if you are not talking, to ensure the best sound quality and minimize outside distractions for both myself and other students.

Do you have an alternate payment method to Paypal?

I do not have the ability to accept credit cards at this time. I will accept payment via check (cheque) or money order. Note this at time of enrollment and I will provide further details.

What do you get with the AnnaBlendz LIVE classes?

In addition to the 6 hours of LIVE teaching our personal private classroom, you will also get:

  • A variety of aA DigitalART supplies with each of the 3 classes
  • Sample layouts providing examples for the lessons
  • Photos used in the class demonstrations
  • Course content delivered in .pdf format

After class you will receive:

  • 2 Replay of the class delivered in MP4 format
  • All layered .psd files used during class.

Downloads are provided by links to Dropbox folders.

Will there be more classes offered?

YES!  I have lots of ideas (and requests) to include the revival of AlbumMagic, a class in which you’ll learn my easy album making formula, Artsy Design Principles, PenPLAY – A Better Way to ArtPLAY, Digital Supply Organization and Advanced Brushes for Photoshop, to name just a few. There will be classes for both Adobe Photoshop and Elements users, but they will be added as and when I can incorporate them into my work schedule and still maintain a work life balance.

How do I enroll for a class?


Registration is now automated. Go here to sign up for the next AnnaBlendz LIVE workshop.

Got a question? Ask in the comments below and I will ensure it gets added to this resource.

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Join the discussion 12 Comments

  • Susan Dingess says:


    I signed up for the second August session, but I have not received an invoice yet. I hope I have not emptied it accidentally. Please, let me know.

    Thank you!


  • Grace Hoenig says:

    Dear Anna,

    I was the one talking to you on Facebook. I have also e-mailed you before to receive permission to use what I make for my missionary friends in Florence, Italy. They continue to labor for the Lord their and I continue to do free lance work for them and the Lord. Would I be allowed to use what I learn in the class and any materials to make posters or brochures for them. They are a non-profit church that they gain their support and living expenses through raising money and receive small offerings their in Florence. Please let me know about that as well. I’m working on something already for their 4th Anniversary celebration this fall and some plaques for the wall as well. I look forward to hearing from you about that as well. I do all this unto the Lord and it isn’t a paying job but love to do my part!

    In Christ Service,

    Grace Hoenig

  • Trish Dixon says:

    Dear Anna,
    I am extremely keen to join your AnnaBLendz LIVE classes but I live in rural Queensland, Australia and I am using wireless internet which is very unreliable for live streaming. Also I have only 4GB of download which is also inadequate.

    I would be happy to enroll in the current class and receive the MP4 Format, PSD files and various other files used in the course if possible. I would be able to download the files from my son’s home as he had unlimited internet connection.

    I can’t miss out on this opportunity to learn your wonderful methods with digital scrapbooking. Please let me know if I can enroll immediately and have access to the files after the sessions.


  • Terri says:

    I am considering your class. I am on call on Sundays and wonder if there is a way to ask questions about the class if I happen to have to go out to see patients at the time of the class?

    • Anna Aspnes says:

      Hi Terri! For sure. The class is run live to allow for real-time questions but all sessions are recorded and you have access to the replays as soon as I have processed and uploaded them to Dropbox – usually an hour or so. I’m finding about 50-60% of students actually attend class. Many like to work through the videos in a time that is convenient for them. I like to provide options and encourage questions between lessons through the private AnnaBlendz Face Book group and direct email. Let me know if you have further questions – A

  • eileen says:

    Hi Anna … I’m interested in you next class but would like to know … if you attend … are you still able to watch them after ?? I may be able to attend 1 session …but not sure I would make all 3.

    thanks in advance

    eileen (riandei)

  • Carol says:

    Hi Anna,
    I received an email about your free class. Is it full? I didn’t see a link to sign up for it. Thanks!! Your new class that is starting, it is like the one you are finishing up tomorrow. I am in your Wed. class at 10am mountain time.
    Thank you!
    Carol Nichols

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