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How to Create Simple DigitalART

By Tuesday, January 23, 2018 (MST) No Comments

Today Creative Team Member, Linda Davis, shares How to Create Simple DigitalART using one photo and an Artsy Paper.

In this tutorial, Linda enhances the color of a single iPhone snapshot, before blending the image using clipping masks, into an Artsy Paper from the NEW ArtPlay Palette Brumal

Create Simple DigitalART

1. Enhance Photo

Drag the photo onto a new blank 12 x 12 document. Resize to fit the page.

To enhance the photo, duplicate the original and change the Blending Mode to Darker Color at 100%. Then reduce the opacity of the original to 75%.

Add a Levels Adjustment Layer, Blending Mode Linear Light at 30%.

Add another Levels Adjustment Layer, Blending Mode Linear Burn at 50%.

Place a sketch layer above all the photo layers and change the Blending Mode to Multiply.

Mask each layer as needed to emphasize and blend the color in the photo.

Note. Linda created a composite of the layers to clip to a second mask.

How to Create Simple DigitalART

2. Place Masks and Recolor

Place masks 1.png and 5.png from Brumal FotoBlendz No. 1 just below the original photo.

Note. Linda recolored the masks white, so that darkening Blending Modes could be used on her photo, i.e. Color Burn, Multiply, Linear Burn.

How to Create Simple DigitalART

3. Clip Layers to Masks

Clip the layers of photo to mask 1.png and the composite to mask 5.png.

How to Create Simple DigitalART

4. Place Artsy Paper

Place ArtsyPaper1.jpg on Blending Mode Normal below the the photo layers.

To intensify the color create a Duplicate, and move the copy layer above on Blending Mode Multiply at 50%.

Note. The design of the Artsy Paper creates a natural ending transition for the masks.

One Photo and an Artsy Paper

5. Add FotoGlows

Above the photo layers, add the FotoGlow from file 7.psd of MultiMedia Branches No. 7 and FotoGlow_3.png of WarmGlows No. 7, to enhance the setting sun in the photo.

One Photo and an Artsy Paper

6. Embellish

Add WordART from Winter WordART Mix No 2, button from ArtPlay Palette Brumal, #5 from ButtonThreadz No. 2, thread #4 from HandStitchez No. 1.

Complete journaling as preferred.

One Photo and an Artsy Paper

Not every page needs to be complicated to be effective.

Sometimes one photo, a couple of FotoGlows and an ArtsyPaper are enough to make the magic happen.
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