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Learn Digital Artistry LIVE

By Monday, February 22, 2016 (MST) 16 Comments
Learn Digital Artistry LIVE Anna Aspnes Scrapaneers LIVE 2

Learn digital artistry LIVE and elevate your digital scrapbooking/art skills in the upcoming Scrapaneers LIVE 2 event.

Learn Digital Artistry LIVE

The next upcoming class by LIVE education will teach digital artistry hacks for scrapbookers.

Discovering digital artistry hacks are the very next steps in your digital art journey and you have the opportunity to do it LIVE.

Learn Digital Artistry LIVE

In April, I’m honored to be among some of the most recognized digital scrapbooking instructors and designers from around the world.

I will be teaching a 10 ArtsyHacks for Digital Scrapbookers class during the Scrapaneers LIVE 2 event

The previous LIVE on-line digital scrapbooking event previous event took place in October 2015 and can be accessed here.

Scrapaneers LIVE 2 will take place the weekend of April 16 – 17, 2016, in which you’ll indulge in 2 days (instead of one) of LIVE technique demonstrations, fun projects, DigitalART downloads, giveaways, plus the chance to be stretched creatively and inspired. And all from the comfort of your creative space.

Learn Digital Artistry LIVE

About Digital Artistry Hacks

I will be teaching for about an hour in a LIVE on-line class, 10 ArtsyHacks For Digital Scrapbookers, in which you’ll embark on creative adventure with me as I show you step-by-step 10 different ways you can inject artsy into your digital pages. You will learn how to create an artsy design the easy way, implementing a variety of tried and tested methods to take your artistry from good to a ‘blow your mind’ kind of awesome. From smart DigitalART supply usage, solid design principles, wielding simple modifications and employing the power of Adobe Photoshop and Elements – You’ll learn all the digital artistry hacks.

Note that the content of this event is exclusive to Scrapaneers and and it includes the ArtsyHacks DigitalART supplies.

Learn Digital Artistry Hacks Anna Aspnes Scrapaneers LIVE 2

Want a FREE ticket?

Pre-admission tickets go on sale March 1, 2016.

On that day, Scrapaneers will also provide a 10% off coupon so you can save the most on the cost of admission.

Today I’m giving away ONE ticket to this LIVE online digital scrapbooking event.

Simply answer the following question in the comments section below:

What do you love most about LIVE online digital scrapbooking education?

I will select a winner on Friday – Best answer wins so get creative with your comments 🙂

In the meantime, Scrapaneers is giving away one ticket every Friday in the month of February to one lucky VIP lister.

Get on the list here.

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  • Barb b says:

    I love the freedom of designing digitally. I tried to be a scrapper with paper and glue and all that stuff! I just couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t like what I did and then I would look at all that wasted product and just shake my head. With digital design I don’t have to have a lot of products (though I do…don’t we all get carried away!). And, if I don’t like what I did I can just Ctrl-Z and it’s gone; no wasting of products. I can save what I did and then try something creative on top of that and if I don’t like it, I still have my original. Digital designing has really made me feel so free in trying so many new things. When I’m doing something digitally I don’t even notice the time going by (not that that’s always a good thing!) I’ve even created art for the walls of my home which is something I would never have thought to do. I once said I would NEVER be a scrapbooker but I now proudly say that I am a scrapbooker when I look/share/display all the digital layouts I have created. And, best of all, my memories are preserved for those that come after me.

  • Karen Clinkinbeard says:

    What I like best about live on-line scrapbooking education is seeing the presenter actually perform whatever it is they are teaching. I seem to learn best visually so “a picture is worth a thousand words”. I have tried using tutorials and the problem is if you can’t figure out what is being said, there is no one to ask. With the live presentations, you can ask questions about procedures you don’t understand and get immediate feedback. The live presentations are well worth the cost of the class in my book.

  • Lori P. says:

    I love the amazing energy and excitement in a LIVE event! There is nothing that motivates and inspires me more than sharing creative ideas in real time!

  • Caren McCann says:

    to see right there right now in the “convenience” of my computer screen at my desk. I love being able to learn this way!

  • Ulla-May says:

    I love this way because I can go back as often as I want to see it and I can choose from time to time what to learn.more about. I also like to see how everyone else use Photoshop and to get ideas how to customize my own workspace. Absolutely the best way to learn new things and the quote by Confucius is so true: I hear and forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.

  • gracefeb10 says:

    I love designing digitally because it allows me to push the envelop in ways that paper and supplies never had. Also as I age digital designing allows me to be more accurate as well as not wasting product. With paper and supplies, you use up product but with digital designing you can use your favorite item as many times as you want. Also if you designing for some one thousands of miles away; you can send it to them in a digital Dropbox but if it was paper you would have to pay to send it and it might get lost in the mail or be damaged.

    There is an energy in the online digital classes that takes you away to a place where you are with friends you have never met and allows you interact with them and share a very special experience. I love it when I tell my husband that I’m taking a class tonight and he says where are going and I say back to the computer. He is happy then too because he doesn’t have to go somewhere.

  • Penny says:

    There are so many great things about the LIVE online event…but to me the best part was that I could go back later and watch each one again and stop, rewind and start again as much as I wanted to. There was so much information shared by each instructor that knowing this let me relax and enjoy every part of the actual day.

  • Lois says:

    I love to watch the many talented designers LIVE. Following along with them is very exciting and enlightening I always learn something to enhance my own scrapping experience. Watching it live it seems to stay with me.

  • mary says:

    What I like best about live classes is that very word LIVE. Not rehearsed or edited. If something doesn’t go as planned we get to see the instructor make a correction on the fly. Nice to see quick fixes.

  • time2smile says:

    I love getting acquainted with teachers that I will likely not meet in person. Seeing their work in real time, as mentioned by others, is so helpful. One of my favorite parts is when any of the teachers says, “Now we’ll go ahead and … ” because it makes me feel like THEY believe that I can do this, so I begin to believe it, too.

  • Cheryl Allen says:

    What I love most about live digital education is that you don’t have to read the directions and figure it out yourself. You can watch someone do it and then try it. You can also watch the live events over and over if you want.

  • Jeanne says:

    I’m a visual person and so the live classes are a great learning experience plus I can ask questions to clarify something I don’t understand. In addition, having other virtual classmates increases my learning experience listening to their questions and comments. The instructor will also naturally cover more info than would thru a self guiding class. It’s fun to be in class and still be in my pajamas!

  • Margriet says:

    Inspiration, inspiration & more inspiration ! This gave me such a new way of using my love of photography ! Thank You !

  • Su Hall says:

    I watch videos and read tutorials all the time! It is so nice to be able to comment or ask and have an immediate response. There is that repoire one gets from an instructor that you don’t get from a video, as well.
    Thank you an opportunity to maybe get to see what Scrapaneers Live is about.


  • Crystal Foisy says:

    A live on-line class is awesome because you get so see art in the different stages as it develops and get to sort of see the presenter’s thought process. It is also educational to hear each participants questions and the answers that follow. This often prompts questions or thought processes that I can than follow up with questions of my own. It is great to be able to go back and watch a video lesson at a later time and let more information absorb if the topic has been a bit overwhelming at the time. While I continue to both digital and paper scrapbook, I believe my creativity has blossomed from watching live classes and sharing with other students. You become a small community and learn so much from each other.

  • Sabrina says:

    The best aspect of a LIVE class is that it compels me to BE there. Life is busy, and there are always so many things to pull you this way and that. There is a sense of urgency with a live class that isn’t available with a self-paced class. (Trust me, I have a list of classes I still need to “get to” and finish!) I love the live chat feature and the ability to ask questions and receive input immediately. And when I tell my family I’m doing a live class, they let me be and enjoy the class, which is wonderful!

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