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New Artsy Digital Designs Hygge

By Friday, March 31, 2017 (MDT) 2 Comments

AnnaRelease *Hygge*

Details. Each of the 5 new artsy digital designs Hygge is 20% off or available as a collection discounted by almost 50% through April 07, 2017 at 9 am EST.

Please download the free Instructions for Use eBooklet from the Anna Aspnes Designs store for more information on using my various DigitalART products in Photoshop and Elements and check out the videos on the  Youtube channel.

Origins and Background. ‘Hygge’ was made the Oxford Dictionary’s 2016 Word of the Year shortlist and is a Danish established ‘way of living’ that means ‘a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being’, or in other words, to ‘dwell poetically’. Pronounced ‘hoo-guh’, the word actually comes from a sixteenth-century Norwegian term, hugga, meaning ‘to comfort’ or ‘to console’ related to the English word ‘hug.’

Hygge has become a trend in 2017, applying to home decor, food, fashion, and now digital artistry.When I think of comfort. I think of home, my family and my roots. I never intended for this particular collection to have such a heritage vibe, but as an artist, I follow the inspiration. The bricks are symbolic of the pieces that make up a life and the cracks are the perfectly imperfect way in which most of us live.

This is a Palette in which trendy concepts collide with tried and tested traditions. A common theme in my approach to digital artistry.

I hope you enjoy.

New Artsy Digital Designs Hygge

New Artsy Digital Designs Hygge

AnnaRelease *Hygge*. This limited option enables you to purchase my entire release of 5 new artsy digital designs Hygge products at a almost 50% discount.

Please note that this  DigitalART collection will no longer be available after April 07, 2017, 2016 at 9am EST

New Artsy Digital Designs Hygge

ArtPlay Palette Hygge. Hygge is a Danish term meaning ‘to make oneself cozy’ and ‘dwell poetically’. This ArtPlay Palette includes 9 artsy and solid 12 X 12 background papers, a 16-piece BrushSet, 12 transfers/overlays and 14 dimensional embellishments delivered in .psd and .png format to allow for maximum customization where appropriate.

New Artsy Digital Designs Hygge

MultiMedia Hygge No. 1. A collection of 5 “Hygge”-themed elements delivered in .psd and .png format to enable maximum customization. The .psd file allows you to adjust the properties of each layer in terms of color, opacity and blending mode.

New Artsy Digital Designs Hygge

Hygge WordART Mix No. 1. A collection of 23 varied, cozy and comfortable-themed WordART elements to include 6 WoodWords, 10 WordART quotes/titles, 3 WordTransfers, 3 ScriptTease and 1 BeadedThreadz designed to be mixed and matched to create custom WordART titles. I have also included the WordART, WordTransfer and ScriptTease designs in brush .abr format. Files are delivered in .png format unless otherwise noted.

New Artsy Digital Designs Hygge

MultiLayered FotoBlendz No. 7. A collection of 5 multi-layered FotoBlendz clipping masks delivered in .psd and .png format. The .psd file allows you to adjust the properties of each layer in terms of visibility, color, opacity and blending mode.

New Artsy Digital Designs Hygge

Artsy Layered Template No. 247. A 12 X 12 artsy layered template featuring numerous masks designed for use with the clipping mask function or for recoloring in Photoshop, Elements and Paint Shop Pro. All layer styles, masks, frames, brushwork, title and textboxes shown are included. Simply clip your images to the FotoBlendz masks and add your own words.

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