1. Open FotoInspired Template No 51A into your work space and turn off the visibility of all layers apart from FotoMasks 1, 2 and 4 plus FrameMask 1.
  2. Elongate FrameMask 1 using the Transform tool. Go to Edit> Free Transform, hold the SHIFT key to constrain proportions, and drag the middle square on the bounding box to create a long thin rectangle.
  3. Use the clipping mask function in Adobe Photoshop and Elements to clip the photograph to mask. Place the image layer directly above the mask layer in the Layers panel and go to Layer> Create Clipping Mask or press CTRL/CMD + ALT/OPT + G on your keyboard.
  4. Use the same technique to clip artsy papers to FotoMasks 1, 2, and FotoMask 4 and reposition on the page.
  5. Duplicate clipped FotoMask 4 and reduce in size1 using the Transform tool. Reposition to the left of the design behind the photograph and under the stitched frame using the Move tool from the Tools panel.
  6. Duplicate the larger mask once more and clip large photograph applying a Color Burn Blending Mode from the Layers panel.
  7. Embellish with transfers, stains, overlays, elements and WordART from the [ArtPlay Palette] to create texture and linear interest.
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