1. Extract subject from photo in Adobe Photoshop/Elements and clip to a mask from MultiLayered FotoBlendz. Layer digital papers, transfers, and brushes from the [ArtPlay Palette] over the image layer.
  2. Apply various Blending Modes to each layer as preferred.
  3. Create a composite layer by pressing CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + ALT/OPT + E on your keyboard, when you are satisfied with the placement of layers. Note that the composite will appear at the top of the layers stack in the Layers panel.
  4. Choose an artsy or solid paper and place this layer beneath your composite layer to create a foundation using the Move tool from the Tools panel. You can choose from artsy and solid papers in the [ArtPlay Palettes]
  5. Mask the composite image by applying a Layer Mask and using various [Brushes] on the mask thumbnail with the Fore and Background Colors set to BLACK and WHITE respectively, to remove areas of the image. A custom geometric brush was created to form the art pieces.
  6. Apply dimensional embellishments and Drop Shadow Layer Styles to add depth and yield visual interest in your digital art. I used stains, birds, and stitching from ButtonThreadz.
  7. Repeat any of the steps as preferred to increase the complexity of the design.
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