Use simple collage techniques to digitally layer elements and then mask using brushes to refine the effect.

  1. Select an image of choice to create a graphic background – Choose an image that visually enhances the story you want to tell. Blend the photo into an artsy paper using a Layer Mask and a variety of [BrushSets] An artsy paper with a bird was selected.
  2. Add multiple image layers to the design, such as the vintage photo of a lady holding a book standing next to a white chair and the white bird. Adjust the Blending Modes of the layers and mask the images using the Layer Mask and [Brushes] technique to hide and reveal specific areas of the photos to create a seamless composite.
  3. Create a background using a variety of [ArtsyTransfers] using each of the layers independently or together as delivered. Reorder the layers, dragging them up and down the Layers panel, then adjust the Blending Modes according to preference.
  4. Embellish and support the imagery with elements and custom colorizing techniques. The bird-lady’s skirt is textured using a transfer from the [Artplay Palette] Elements are recolored using Adjustment Layers, [Brushes] and Blending Modes. FotoGlows with different Blending Modes applied yield light in your artistry.
  5. Add words and dimensional embellishment to the page to inject meaning, enhance the story and create visual interest in your design. The branch is duplicated with a Multiply Blending Mode applied to the copy layer.
  6. An artsy paper ‘overlay’ with a Multiply Blending Mode and reduced Opacity adds texture and depth to your design. Mask the artsy paper layer using a Layer Mask and [Brushes] to refine as preferred.
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