Blend 2 photos of the same subject, taken in the same light, but with different perspectives. Place the 2 photos on your layout and align the images to yield best results.

  1. Use a Reverse Layer Mask to make the composition tighter and more focused. Hold down the ALT/OPT button on your keyboard when you add the Layer Mask to the photo layer.
  2. Use [AnnaBlendz Artsy BrushSets] to bring back details of the image, toggling the Fore and Background Colors from BLACK to WHITE as needed.
  3. Duplicate each photo and apply Soft Light and Overlay Blending Modes at 100% Opacity to each of the copy layers. The original photo layers remain on Normal Blending Modes in the Layers panel.
  4. Add visual interest and texture to the composite by layering transfers and overlays from the [ArtPlay Palette] Place in under and over the photo layers in the Layers panel, so they accentuate the focal photo, and add color. Notice how the overlay frames the photos.
  5. Support the creases found in the foundation paper and add realism through the use of a creased paper texture brush found in the [ArtPlay Palette]
  6. Embellish with more brushwork and placement of overlays. Birds circling from the lighthouse and stains were added on New Layers, as well as another overlay to span the page.
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