aA Connect 18 June 2020 REPLAY


A series of layout deconstructs and critiques to up-level your artistry and digital scrapbooking skills.


aA Connect 18 June 2020 REPLAY 

  • 1 hour 10 mins of LIVE artistry deconstructions and critiques.
  • Event happened and recorded via the Zoom platform.
  • REPLAY available for immediate download.

What You Will Learn:

Content will be added as it is received.

1. Expressing, loss, sadness and ‘terror’ of a pandemic.

Dennis | Regina Driscoll

2. Creating focal points using the principle of value.

Dream | Kathy Sacry

3. Add embellishment to your multi-photo layouts in a balanced fashion.

End of School | Carol Gary

4. Ideas for filling white space.

COVID-19 | Michelle James

5. Scale of Elements.

Enjoy | Jessie Trotter

6. Photo Blending

Easter | Elizabeth Ames

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