aA Connect LIVE 12 July 2021 REPLAY

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Watch the REPLAY with a series of layout deconstructs and critiques to help you up-level your photo artistry and digital scrapbooking skills.



aA Connect LIVE 12 July 2021 

A REPLAY of our latest Connect LIVE session.

The Details

  • Recorded Monday 12th July at 2pm MDT.
  • 1 hours 40 Mins of LIVE artistry deconstructions, critiques and answering questions.
  • Event happened via the Zoom platform.
  • Replay available for IMMEDIATE download.


1. Customize your clipping masks with a variety of DigitalART supplies in this layout deconstruct by Anna Aspnes.

2. More tips and tricks for creating photo artistry via Dale Botha.

3. Tips for creating cohesive double-page spreads via Michelle James.

4. Add a little graphic to your artsy via Adryane.

5. Creating Balance in double page spreads via Diane Weber.

6. Clever and effective design approaches via Joan Robillard.

7. Make your template layouts stand-t with these interesting techniques in this layout deconstruct via Michelle James.

8. Adding wings to a subject to create a whimsical effect in this layout deconstruct via Ann Lavin.

8. Learn what is preventing this page from being cohesive and how to fix it in this layout critique by Marilyn Linsley.

9. Too much of a good thing? Learn about application of Color in this layout critique via Michelle James.

10. The quest for balance in the face of so much information in this layout critique via Ann Gilchrest.

11. It’s the small things in this layout deconstruct via Diane Weber.


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