aA Travel Project 2022

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Use templates and DigitalART to transform your digital photos into a beautifully curated and printed photo book.


Learn how to create a travel photo book project using photo artistry and digital scrapbooking techniques.

Enjoy this self-pace LIVE event REPLAY

  • Transform vacation or Travel Photos into a sophisticated photo book project.
  • Master the use of  Template Collections in Adobe Photoshop or Elements to create a cohesive layout designs.
  • Understand and implement Successful strategies for starting and completing a project.
  • Preserve memories using a variety of imagery and travel Memorabilia.
  • Glean encouragement and Inspiration from this in-depth guided course.

Also Included:

  • Staycation photo book theme ideas
  • Plan ahead for Upcoming travel adventures.
  • Adapt the lessons to suit your chosen Event.

Revolutionize Photo Preservation

Transform Your Photos From…



What YOU Will Learn:

  • What a Photo Book Project is and how to Successfully Complete one.
  • Understand the importance of Planning and how it will help you become more Efficient in your memory keeping.
  • Everything you Need to know about where to to start and Avoid the Overwhelm of tackling a large photo project.
  • Choose the right Approaches to guide the Structure and layout foundations for your photo book.
  • Master the art of supporting your photos with Engaging and Authentic Storytelling.
  • Inspiration and guidance for Selecting a Theme using an interactive worksheet approach.
  • Organize your Project for simple and efficient photo artistry layout creation.
  • Best practices to Choosing Photos that Best Support your stories and appropriate Placement in your page designs.
  • How to Pair Down your images to create an efficient and engaging project that does not ‘blow the bank account.’
  • Step-by-step guidance for Selecting The Right Digital Supplies to enhance the artistry and create a Cohesive Photo Book Project.
  • Considerations and recommendations for Printing your Project and when to make such decisions.
  • All my favorite Techniques for working with Template Collections and Digital Assets by Anna Aspnes Designs.

What You CAN Expect

1. Written Content Support

A step-by-step Proven approach for planning ANY photo book project.

  • Start Here – A Photo Project Guide with Theme Inspiration (.pdf)
  • Travel Project Worksheet for Choosing a Theme (.pdf)
  • Printing Guidance – Considerations for choosing Printing Mode and Format for your layout designs (.pdf)
  • TWO Travel Project Plan Examples – Inspiration for your own Project Plan (.pdf)
  • Project Plan Printable Worksheet –  Guidance for creating your own Project Plan (.docx so that it’s editable)


  • The Start Here .pdf is a 20 pages workbook guiding you through Everything you Need to Know about planning a Photo Book Project.
  • Every section prompts you with Action Steps to instill confidence and guide you through the decision-making process.
  • A separate worksheet is included to help you choose your Travel Theme with a Summary Checklist to ensure feasibility.

What’s Included:

  • An Introduction to creating artistic photo projects.
  • The importance of  Planning with Step-By-Step approach.
  • The 5 Steps to being successful and efficient in project
  • Guidance and support in Selecting a personalized theme.
  • Establishing Parameters for your project.
  • Choosing an Approach that supports your Preferences.
  • Master Selection and Organization for any artistry project.
  • A HUGE list of Travel Theme and Staycation ideas to inspire and challenge you.
  • Comprehensive guidance and advice for Printing your layouts.
  • Project Plan examples PLUS printable worksheet for your own use.

In other words, EVERYTHING you need to do this thing!

2. Video Inspiration Sessions

6 LIVE session REPLAYS available for IMMEDIATE download.

  • Each session approx. 1 -1/2 to 2 hours in length for a total of 9 Hours of Viewing.
  • All videos are recorded via the Zoom platform and include Guidance, Explanations, Demonstrations and Techniques.
  • Demonstrations in both Adobe Photoshop CC and Photoshop Elements.
  • Videos are delivered in .MP4 format.

Session Content

Session #1:

  • Introduction into the Planning and Actualization of a complete photo book project.
  • Determine Page Count of your project and Number of Photos to use.
  • Understand why establishing a Project Plan is the secret to successful photo book realization.
  • Complete Worksheets to ensure simple and effective Decision-Making.
  • Guidance for choosing a Theme from an extensive list of options.
  • Consider a variety of Parameters for page and project structure.
  • Choose from multiple Approach options to make the magic happen.
  • Master the art of Photo Organization and Product Selection.
  • Initiation into Tandem project creation.
  • Receive Empowerment for future photo book project creation.

Session #2:

  • Step-by-step in depth process of Photo Selection, Sorting and Organization.
  • Considerations for Prioritization and ‘Whittling’ down photos.
  • Successfully Reduce 100’s of photos to just 10-12 per layout.
  • Best Criteria for eliminating photos.
  • Master meaningful Storytelling and Journaling.
  • Learn how to Embellish the facts to write what you want to Remember.
  • Lots of Examples for elevating your Stories.
  • Different approaches for Presentation of words.
  • Finding and Selecting appropriate Digital Art supplies for your layouts.
  • View some of my Photo Projects from the past 20 years.

Session #3:

  • Handle your Templates during Project creation.
  • Organize your Digital Art supplies to Facilitate usage.
  • Master Photoshop Brushes management.
  • Step-by-step guidance for First layout creation.
  • Approaches for Choosing a focal photo.
  • Thoughts on establishing an Order of pages in your project.
  • Manage Layers in the Photoshop Layers Panel.
  • The difference between Levels and Curves.
  • Photo Placement to yield balanced design.
  • Modify masks for improved photo Coverage.
  • Recolor Containment stain layers.
  • Reformat templates to Accommodate more photos or journaling.
  • Select a Background for your layout design.
  • Use Transfers to Embellish your blended photos.
  • Approaches for Tandem photo book projects.
  • Apply the same pair of Templates to 2 different layout designs.

Session #4:

  • Manage your developing photo project.
  • Be flexible to Changes.
  • Customize ‘postage marks’ with your own Date and Place (Photoshop and Elements.)
  • Use Pictorial Brushes to Extend Photos.
  • Mask Transfers/ArtsyTransers to support layout design.
  • Text tricks using Character Settings.
  • Anatomy of an element cluster.
  • Approaches for extending photos for Mask Coverage.
  • Modify masks to yield photo details.
  • Guidance of Font and WordART selection and usage.
  • Build and modify Meaningful stories.
  • Introduction to Visual Triangles.
  • Techniques for placing photos in Templates.
  • Create your own Pictorial Brushes.
  • Apply Design Principles in scrapbooking page creation.
  • Recolor Stitching.
  • Create Brushes from Travel Memorabilia.
  • Establish a Double-Page with Templates modifications.
  • Making your photos Align with your digital scrapbooking layout design.

Session #5:

  • Solve photo Placement problems.
  • Searching tips for product Selection.
  • Batch Processing your digital scrapbooking pages.
  • Disadvantages of creating Tandem Projects.
  • Placement of Elements to support your layout design.
  • Tips of making Titles more visible and easier to read.
  • Steps for photographing and making Custom Elements from memorabilia (Photoshop and Elements.)
  • Use the Selective Coloring feature in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Make ‘on-the-fly’ Adjustments to your photo project.
  • More Options for photo placement in Templates.
  • Create a double-page spread using Templates in Photoshop Elements.
  • Advice for NOT obsessing over your digital scrapbooking pages.
  • Plan for future photo projects.

Session #6:

  • Make Changes mid-project.
  • Adapt categories to better Support your photos.
  • Using any Remaining photos.
  • Spark Journaling from your images.
  • Make your stain layers Pop.
  • 3-Step element cluster creation.
  • Track product usage to yield layout Cohesion.
  • Enhance photo lighting and create better image Contrast.
  • Recolor Transfers and FotoGlows (Photoshop and Elements.)
  • Create Cohesive digital scrapbooking layouts.
  • Approaches for adding Dates to your page designs.
  • Accepting Imperfection advice.
  • Simplification of Smart Objects in Photoshop Elements.
  • Proof and make additions to your layouts.
  • File formats and Saving for Print.
  • Introduce and conclude your photo project.
  • Creating Variation in your Templates spreads.
  • Several approaches to Photo Book Creation.
  • Other Closing thoughts.

BONUS Sessions

1. Project Modifications

  • Selecting and organizing new photos.
  • Adding and Reorganizing layouts.
  • Choosing NEW  DigitalART supplies.
  • Re-using  Templates.
  • Working in Batches.
  • How to keep ‘on top’ of it ALL.

2. Step-by-Step Upload Approach

  • Uploading pages to ‘Picaboo’ for printing in photo book format.

3. The Templates

This workshop includes Travel Template Album No 6.

  • Used to create the Tandem 2 Photo Book Project.

4. Private Facebook Group


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11 reviews for aA Travel Project 2022

  1. Raymond Easley (verified owner)

    Anna has given us all the information we need to begin this project. I had hundreds of photos to edit from our trip which I did, made 6 DVD home videos first so they were all rather organized by dates and places. During the past week I have started the Travel Project and have completed 9 pages.

  2. Karen Eyrich (verified owner)

    Anna’s classes are so well organized. We received so much information in the pdfs she provided us. And Anna keeps on providing more! If she feels that we want more information on certain topics (like a list of fonts) she will add that to the class information. She goes deep into her organizational techniques, which really helps to make your project move faster. I love watching her videos and seeing exactly what she does. Then in the Facebook group, it’s fun to see what other people post. In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t yet started my travel book. My trip isn’t for another 6 weeks. But I have all my folders organized and labeled, and my supplies are chosen. I know what templates I’m using, and I can get started on my album after I recover from jetlag! This class is so worth it, and the organizational techniques can be used for any album, so don’t let the words “travel project” deter you from getting this class.

  3. Kimberly Rosen (verified owner)

    I usually take Anna’s album class each year. This is the first time I have done a Travel Project. I have a hectic work schedule & life so I started out strong and then had to come back to it. But my vacation book is near done at about 60 pages. Great organization tools and practical & creative advice along the way. I also love that I can go back to the videos at any time in the future. Thank you so much for helping to make my talents seem greater than they are!

  4. Nancy Farrell (verified owner)

    After literally years of being away from scrapbooking I found this class a great way to get back to doing something I always loved. I especially appreciated that Anna gave encouragement to new scrapbookers to just finish the project but also including some more challenging techniques for the more experienced or more adventurous to try. It felt really good to scrap and finish the project.

  5. Michelle James (verified owner)

    I have taken many of Anna’s classes and was so looking forward to another edition! I’m so glad I did!! Anna is always adding new information and different ways of looking at things and creating albums. From the written content to to the classes and feedback in the dedicated Facebook group, this class is both inspiring and informative. Each class I take gets better and better. Thank you Anna, for your dedication to photos, the art and your customers!

  6. Maggie Adair (verified owner)

    As always Anna has put together a great class to help me get my photos scrapped. While this particular project is taking me longer than expected due to personal reasons, it’s great to be able to watch the replays and follow along at my own pace. Anna has done a great job is the way she has put this project together from start to finish. She gives lots of great tips and advise, and is always ready to help when we get stuck and aren’t sure what to do. Thank you so much Anna for the time and effort you take to put classes like this together for us

  7. Chris Parker (verified owner)

    Anna’s aA Travel Project is a very organized class. It was my first digital scrapbook and my first aA class and at times I felt like I was in over my head. Anna provided so much help and information thru email, handouts and resources to help me that I was able to complete my project during the 6 week class. I am very happy with the final product. It was fun to be part of the Facebook group to receive feedback on my layouts and also to see other people’s creativity and ideas. I am looking forward to trying other types of aA templates to create more albums. Thank you Anna for such a great class.

  8. Miki Krueger (verified owner)

    I’ve taken many of Anna’s classes and as always Anna has done an outstanding job in organizing materials and executing the delivery! I love the flexibility of the templates and the encouragement and support given by Anna and the Facebook group. Thank you, Anna, for the inspiration!

  9. Christine Ahearn (verified owner)

    I learnt so much from this class. I love watching the videos and the online classes were a great learning experience as you could watch Anna live and ask questions as she worked – this was so helpful. I especially appreciated when she switched from working in Photoshop to Elements (I am an Elements user) – this was great.
    Thanks so much Anna for the abundant skills and knowledge that was shared. I recommend this course.
    Note: My album isn’t finished yet and I don’t feel guilty because Anna takes a flexible approach & I am now confident in my knowledge that it will get done.

  10. Judith McEntyre (verified owner)

    A very structured, well-organized class. The PDF’s are an excellent resource while working on my project. Her preplanning was very helpful, essential to lay everything out so that you are able to stay organized. All of this will be of great assistance in future projects. This is a class that will keep on guiding in my future endeavors.

  11. Helen Maddix (verified owner)

    Anna is a great designer, and showed how to use her designs to tell my stories. She goes out of her way to answer any questions that come up, and makes helpful suggestions to assist us in creating our pages. I enjoyed the Travel Project 2022 and have continued to purchase other products from Anna’s O Scraps store.

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