aA Travel Project 2022


Use templates and DigitalART to transform your digital photos into a beautifully curated and printed photo book.


Learn how to create a travel photo book project using photo artistry and digital scrapbooking techniques.

Enjoy this self-pace LIVE event REPLAY

  • Transform vacation or Travel Photos into a sophisticated photo book project.
  • Master the use of  Template Collections in Adobe Photoshop or Elements to create a cohesive layout designs.
  • Understand and implement Successful strategies for starting and completing a project.
  • Preserve memories using a variety of imagery and travel Memorabilia.
  • Glean encouragement and Inspiration from this in-depth guided course.

Also Included:

  • Staycation photo book theme ideas
  • Plan ahead for Upcoming travel adventures.
  • Adapt the lessons to suit your chosen Event.

Revolutionize Photo Preservation

Transform Your Photos From…



What YOU Will Learn:

  • What a Photo Book Project is and how to Successfully Complete one.
  • Understand the importance of Planning and how it will help you become more Efficient in your memory keeping.
  • Everything you Need to know about where to to start and Avoid the Overwhelm of tackling a large photo project.
  • Choose the right Approaches to guide the Structure and layout foundations for your photo book.
  • Master the art of supporting your photos with Engaging and Authentic Storytelling.
  • Inspiration and guidance for Selecting a Theme using an interactive worksheet approach.
  • Organize your Project for simple and efficient photo artistry layout creation.
  • Best practices to Choosing Photos that Best Support your stories and appropriate Placement in your page designs.
  • How to Pair Down your images to create an efficient and engaging project that does not ‘blow the bank account.’
  • Step-by-step guidance for Selecting The Right Digital Supplies to enhance the artistry and create a Cohesive Photo Book Project.
  • Considerations and recommendations for Printing your Project and when to make such decisions.
  • All my favorite Techniques for working with Template Collections and Digital Assets by Anna Aspnes Designs.

What You CAN Expect

1. Written Content Support

A step-by-step Proven approach for planning ANY photo book project.

  • Start Here – A Photo Project Guide with Theme Inspiration (.pdf)
  • Travel Project Worksheet for Choosing a Theme (.pdf)
  • Printing Guidance – Considerations for choosing Printing Mode and Format for your layout designs (.pdf)
  • TWO Travel Project Plan Examples – Inspiration for your own Project Plan (.pdf)
  • Project Plan Printable Worksheet –  Guidance for creating your own Project Plan (.docx so that it’s editable)


  • The Start Here .pdf is a 20 pages workbook guiding you through Everything you Need to Know about planning a Photo Book Project.
  • Every section prompts you with Action Steps to instill confidence and guide you through the decision-making process.
  • A separate worksheet is included to help you choose your Travel Theme with a Summary Checklist to ensure feasibility.

What’s Included:

  • An Introduction to creating artistic photo projects.
  • The importance of  Planning with Step-By-Step approach.
  • The 5 Steps to being successful and efficient in project
  • Guidance and support in Selecting a personalized theme.
  • Establishing Parameters for your project.
  • Choosing an Approach that supports your Preferences.
  • Master Selection and Organization for any artistry project.
  • A HUGE list of Travel Theme and Staycation ideas to inspire and challenge you.
  • Comprehensive guidance and advice for Printing your layouts.
  • Project Plan examples PLUS printable worksheet for your own use.

In other words, EVERYTHING you need to do this thing!

2. Video Inspiration Sessions

6 LIVE session REPLAYS available for IMMEDIATE download.

  • Each session approx. 1 -1/2 to 2 hours in length for a total of 9 Hours of Viewing.
  • All videos are recorded via the Zoom platform and include Guidance, Explanations, Demonstrations and Techniques.
  • Demonstrations in both Adobe Photoshop CC and Photoshop Elements.
  • Videos are delivered in .MP4 format.

Session Content

Session #1:

  • Introduction into the Planning and Actualization of a complete photo book project.
  • Determine Page Count of your project and Number of Photos to use.
  • Understand why establishing a Project Plan is the secret to successful photo book realization.
  • Complete Worksheets to ensure simple and effective Decision-Making.
  • Guidance for choosing a Theme from an extensive list of options.
  • Consider a variety of Parameters for page and project structure.
  • Choose from multiple Approach options to make the magic happen.
  • Master the art of Photo Organization and Product Selection.
  • Initiation into Tandem project creation.
  • Receive Empowerment for future photo book project creation.

Session #2:

  • Step-by-step in depth process of Photo Selection, Sorting and Organization.
  • Considerations for Prioritization and ‘Whittling’ down photos.
  • Successfully Reduce 100’s of photos to just 10-12 per layout.
  • Best Criteria for eliminating photos.
  • Master meaningful Storytelling and Journaling.
  • Learn how to Embellish the facts to write what you want to Remember.
  • Lots of Examples for elevating your Stories.
  • Different approaches for Presentation of words.
  • Finding and Selecting appropriate Digital Art supplies for your layouts.
  • View some of my Photo Projects from the past 20 years.

Session #3:

  • Handle your Templates during Project creation.
  • Organize your Digital Art supplies to Facilitate usage.
  • Master Photoshop Brushes management.
  • Step-by-step guidance for First layout creation.
  • Approaches for Choosing a focal photo.
  • Thoughts on establishing an Order of pages in your project.
  • Manage Layers in the Photoshop Layers Panel.
  • The difference between Levels and Curves.
  • Photo Placement to yield balanced design.
  • Modify masks for improved photo Coverage.
  • Recolor Containment stain layers.
  • Reformat templates to Accommodate more photos or journaling.
  • Select a Background for your layout design.
  • Use Transfers to Embellish your blended photos.
  • Approaches for Tandem photo book projects.
  • Apply the same pair of Templates to 2 different layout designs.

Session #4:

  • Manage your developing photo project.
  • Be flexible to Changes.
  • Customize ‘postage marks’ with your own Date and Place (Photoshop and Elements.)
  • Use Pictorial Brushes to Extend Photos.
  • Mask Transfers/ArtsyTransers to support layout design.
  • Text tricks using Character Settings.
  • Anatomy of an element cluster.
  • Approaches for extending photos for Mask Coverage.
  • Modify masks to yield photo details.
  • Guidance of Font and WordART selection and usage.
  • Build and modify Meaningful stories.
  • Introduction to Visual Triangles.
  • Techniques for placing photos in Templates.
  • Create your own Pictorial Brushes.
  • Apply Design Principles in scrapbooking page creation.
  • Recolor Stitching.
  • Create Brushes from Travel Memorabilia.
  • Establish a Double-Page with Templates modifications.
  • Making your photos Align with your digital scrapbooking layout design.

Session #5:

  • Solve photo Placement problems.
  • Searching tips for product Selection.
  • Batch Processing your digital scrapbooking pages.
  • Disadvantages of creating Tandem Projects.
  • Placement of Elements to support your layout design.
  • Tips of making Titles more visible and easier to read.
  • Steps for photographing and making Custom Elements from memorabilia (Photoshop and Elements.)
  • Use the Selective Coloring feature in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Make ‘on-the-fly’ Adjustments to your photo project.
  • More Options for photo placement in Templates.
  • Create a double-page spread using Templates in Photoshop Elements.
  • Advice for NOT obsessing over your digital scrapbooking pages.
  • Plan for future photo projects.

Session #6:

  • Make Changes mid-project.
  • Adapt categories to better Support your photos.
  • Using any Remaining photos.
  • Spark Journaling from your images.
  • Make your stain layers Pop.
  • 3-Step element cluster creation.
  • Track product usage to yield layout Cohesion.
  • Enhance photo lighting and create better image Contrast.
  • Recolor Transfers and FotoGlows (Photoshop and Elements.)
  • Create Cohesive digital scrapbooking layouts.
  • Approaches for adding Dates to your page designs.
  • Accepting Imperfection advice.
  • Simplification of Smart Objects in Photoshop Elements.
  • Proof and make additions to your layouts.
  • File formats and Saving for Print.
  • Introduce and conclude your photo project.
  • Creating Variation in your Templates spreads.
  • Several approaches to Photo Book Creation.
  • Other Closing thoughts.

BONUS Sessions

1. Project Modifications

  • Selecting and organizing new photos.
  • Adding and Reorganizing layouts.
  • Choosing NEW  DigitalART supplies.
  • Re-using  Templates.
  • Working in Batches.
  • How to keep ‘on top’ of it ALL.

2. Step-by-Step Upload Approach

  • Uploading pages to ‘Picaboo’ for printing in photo book format.

3. The Templates

This workshop includes Travel Template Album No 6.

  • Used to create the Tandem 2 Photo Book Project.
  • Email with coupon will be sent on registration.

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