Hi there, I’m Anna Aspnes

I design digital art products and classes so that you can tell stories by blending YOUR photos with MY digital artistry. With over 17 years of experience in visual storytelling, aA DigitalART and education provides you with everything you need to create effortless and dynamic digital scrapbooks and photo artistry pages, regardless of whether you are motivated by photos from past generations or present day.

aA DigitalART and classes will inspire and guide you, even if:

You think you don’t have time,
You tend to shy away from technology,
You feel overwhelmed, or
You just don’t LOVE what you’re currently creating.

Every week, NEW DigitalART products are released into the Anna Aspnes Designs store at Oscraps, to include Templates (Individual and Collections for albums and photo book making), ArtPlay Palettes (Digital Artistry and ‘Scrapbooking’ Kits), Photoshop BrushSets, Embellishments, Transfers, Overlays and MORE. The DigitalART elements in each of these collections are carefully crafted to coordinate, and thoughtfully curated for ease of use, so you can create stunning artistry without feeling overwhelmed.

You can quickly learn the easy drag-and-drop ArtPLAY method that will enable you to wield technology to your advantage and confidently combine aA DigitalART supplies with your own photos. The ArtPLAY method ‘puts the kabosh’ on any preconceived rules, and offers the possibility to embark on an exhilarating adventure of telling visual stories with photos in a way that truly works for you. ArtPLAY instruction is always available via LIVE online events, self-paced pre-recorded classes, and a large selection of FREE YouTube tutorials.

My passion is to help you commemorate and honor your life by helping you to flex your creative muscles in a way that is both unique and positively exciting. Your photos and Anna Aspnes Designs? Together we can make the magic happen.

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Creative Team

Great people creating beautiful DigitalArt together.

Susan Lacy


I prefer ‘Susan’.

Miki Krueger


I think of a blank page as a canvas waiting to be painted on, my photos a piece of art waiting for the eye to see.

Donna Goar


I love rainy days off (I’m an OR nurse,) enjoying warm coffee, looking through my photos, browsing inspiration in the gallery, and creating AnnaART to satisfy my need to express myself visually.

Charlene Mitchell


I was hooked on Anna’s artsy style as soon as I saw one of her videos. Since then, I have jumped head-first into digital artistry. I enjoy creating digital photo books, calendars and artsy prints and tend to work in a square format. I retired in 2017 and am blessed to be able to create almost every day. If I’m not on the computer, I am taking photos, spending time with my husband and our feline fur baby ‘Snow’. I love to learn and am blessed to be on such a creative team!

Joan Robillard


I am an accountant who love numbers and reconciling accounts. I am semi retired which allows me more time for my two favorite hobbies – photography and digital scrapbooking

Laura Tringali Holmes


“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”. ~Thomas Merton

Michelle James


I am a digital memory keeper from a small town in Central Queensland, Australia. I am passionate about family, photos and remembering the stories both past and present.

Nancy Adams


I love exploring art media and techniques including drawing, pottery, and photography. As a digital memory keeper, I use the ArtPlay method to create a dynamic visual record of family events and memories. I use the techniques from Anna’s classes to create expressive art journals while challenging my creativity and personal voice as an artist.

Sylvia Regina


I'm retired, addicted to caffeine and passionate about digital scrapping. Art has no rules. That's why I often think outside the box.

Kim Pay


I'm an artist and photographer. My memory-keeping transitioned from paper scrapbooking to digitally creating photobooks when I found Anna Aspnes Designs.

Viv Halliwell


I'm a retired teacher living in Somerset UK. My passion is photography and creating artsy layouts with Anna products.

Jerri Lantz


I am a retired elementary school teacher. I love to take nature photographs, especially animals and birds. I consider myself more of a digital artist than a scrapbooker.

Diane Weber


Transplanted NJ Californian in PDX loving travel, nature, flowers, arts & crafts and my precious family. I've digitally scrapped my loves for a dozen years.

Ana Santos


I´m a school teacher and I fall in love with digital scrap 5 years ago. I try to learn new things as much as I can so I can improve my skills in Photoshop.

Pam Parmer

(pam p)

I am a retired R.N.,mother of four, grandmother to 5,great-grandmother to three,
and widow after more than fifty years of marriage.I love to scrap, love to learn
new things and meet other scrappers with the same.

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