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3 Step Compositing Photos Tutorial

By Thursday, August 31, 2017 (MDT) No Comments
Compositing Photos Tutorial

Creative TeamBarbara, shares her 3 Step Compositing Photos Tutorial in Adobe Photoshop.

3 Step Compositing Photos Tutorial

Compositing is a multi-photo approach to blending photos together on a canvas.

I use some techniques that I’ve picked up along the way, making it so much easier and faster and takes the guess work out of it.

On this page, I composited two photos together, but the technique works the same, no matter how many photos you use.

3 Step Compositing Photos Tutorial

Using Guides

  • Open and place the photo of choice.
  • Use Guides placed at the edges of the photo to mark the edges of the image
  • Add an Inverse or Reverse Layer Mask to the photo layer.  See Year of ArtPlay August 2017 video for guidance.
  • Use AnnaBlendz Artsy brushes to reveals areas of the image.
  • Note that, the Guides help me to avoid the edges of the photo.

Compositing Photos Tutorial

Transparency via Opacity

  • Open and position a second photo.
  • Reduce the Opacity so you can see through to the first photo layer.
  • Position and resize to find the best fit.
  • Increase the Opacity back to 100%
  • Add the Guides to the edges of the photo and repeat blending process to reveal areas of the image.

Compositing Photos Tutorial

The ‘Right’ Background

  • Select a background that co-ordinates with your photos in terms of color and theme.
  • You want your images to blend seamlessly and the ease of transitions will be impacted by the colors you choose. See Year of ArtPlay July 2017 for guidance on transitions and defined blending.
  • For this layout, I chose ArtsyPaper4.jpg from ArtPlay Palette Heartland.


The 3 Step Compositing Photos Tutorial is a great go-to method for blending multiple photos on a layout.

Try the 3 Step Compositing Photos Tutorial for yourself and let us know in the comments how it goes.

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