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Creative Use of Textures Tutorial

By Thursday, April 12, 2018 (MDT) 4 Comments
Creative Use of Textures Tutorial

Creative Team MemberUlla-May, shares her Creative Use of Textures Tutorial in Adobe Photoshop.

Note that this tutorial can also be completed in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Creative Use of Textures Tutorial

There are many ways to add texture to a photo/layout.

This tutorial will provide guidance for adding texture to your digital artistry and scrapbooking pages.

1.  Create Foundation

Open an ArtsyPaper and photo of your choice to provide a background layer for your layout.

Tip: Duplicate the paper layer, and work with the copy, to protect the original.

  • Place the photo on the ArtsyPaper using the Move Tool from the Tools Panel to create a foundation for your layout.


Creative Use of Textures Tutorial

2. Blend Photo

Mask your photo over the ArtsyPaper.

Note: When you blend your photo over an ArtsyPaper, you might see texture from the underlying paper show through your photo.

Try This: Mask the same photo twice to create greater visual interest.

3. Apply Texture

Add texture to your layout using Photoshop Brushes.

You may be interested in dvanced Brushes in Adobe Photoshop or Elements to learn everything you need to know about brushes.

View the diagram and list of BrushSets (Tools) used below:

1.  Brush #10 (ArtPlay Palette Sparkle)

  • Added a Color Overlay (Layer> Layer Style> Color Overlay) in a brown tone sampled from the photo.
  • Duplicated (Layer> Duplicate) the brush layer twice.

2. PaintOverlay #2 (ArtPlay Palette Sparkle)

  • Placed on the left side of the page using the Move Tool from the Tools Panel.

3. Sparkle Trim (ArtPlay Palette Sparkle)

  • Placed to the right side of the page.

4. Transfer #1 (ArtPlay Palette Sparkle)

  • Placed above the horses, with the Color Burn Blending Mode applied, to increase the contrast in that area of the image.

5. Transfer #3 (ArtPlay Palette Sparkle)

  • Added between the wagoner and the horses, with the Linear Burn Blending Mode applied, to darken that area.
  • A second copy of this Transfer was placed over the woman in the wagon.
  • A third copy was placed over the horse’s legs on the right.
  • Both of these layers were set to Linear Burn Blending Mode.

6. A file from SnowSprinklez No. 1

  • Placed in the foreground, with an Overlay Blending Mode applied, to highlight the movement of the horses.

7. Paint Overlay #1 (ArtPlay Palette Sparkle)

  • Placed to the left of the photo to extend it.

8. Brush #8 (ArtPlay Palette Sparkle)

  • Placed on the left side of the page.

Creative Use of Textures Tutorial

4. Embellish

Complete you page by adding elements of your choice.

Click on the above image to find the original Creative Use of Textures Tutorial page and supply list.

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