aABlending Bundle

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A collection of 12 digital artistry and scrapbooking sessions sharing step-by-step all techniques pertinent to blending and composite creation in Adobe Photoshop.


aABlending Bundle

All 12 sessions from last years LIVE workshop are now bundled and available at a HUGE discount.

Learn everything you need to know about blending in digital artistry and scrapbooking:

  • Watch over my shoulder as I guide you through the creation of each of the 12 layouts.
  • Master artsy design principles, key blending techniques and get solutions to your digital design challenges.
  • Be inspired and elevate your artistry skills at your own pace.

Each session includes:

  • Layout, delivered in layered .psd format
  • DigitalART products, needed to complete project
  • 1- 1 1/2 hour – 3 part video series

That’s well over 12 hours of video education in the realm of blending at just $8.25 per session.

See individual sessions for guidance on specific techniques.

Sessions are conducted in Adobe Photoshop, but can be completed by Photoshop Elements users.

Offer Valid through 20th March 2018 at 9 am EDT.

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5 reviews for aABlending Bundle

  1. agilchrest (verified owner)

    I have been using Photoshop for over 10 years on and off. Anna’s class “aABlending Bundle” is by far one of the best classes I have taken that explains blending in easy to understand bites.

    I highly recommend this class. Worth every penny and then some!

    • Anna Aspnes

      Thank you Ann for your time.

  2. suziew (verified owner)

    The Blending Bundle Class. This class really excited me. It is full of information and techniques and things I’m sure I should have been aware of but since I wasn’t I had either been doing them using a more cumbersome technique or just didn’t use them because I hadn’t been exposed to them. I made a separate subfile titled Specific Topics and included subfiles titled Auto Color on Photo, Auto Contrast on Photo, Creating Brushes*, Gradients, Invert Mask, and Magic Wand. I placed copies of the videos relating to each topic in the respective subfile. What happens to me is I’m given so much information I don’t remember it all. *Creating Brushes – I really appreciate your explanation of the maximum brush size in the different versions of Elements and this explains why some brush files are labeled “Large”. I plan to view these videos again as well as go through the whole Advanced Brushes PSE Course I took a while back. I remember being amazed at all the things you could do with brushes. Just love, love, love these two classes.

    I think your classes help me so much because you introduce a technique and then repeat it throughout the course. I’ve watched videos and read about gradients and blending masks but never watched them applied in “real time” and repeatedly. Oh my gosh Anna, there is just so much to absorb.

    Your classes are very clear and concise (great diction!) which I really appreciate. Also, thank you so much for all the supplies you include in your classes.

    Thank you so much for sharing your artistry and techniques with us!

    • Anna Aspnes

      Thank you so much for the glowing review Suzie. I really appreciate your time.

  3. mollywoodphotos (verified owner)

    Wow. This was amazing. So many good ideas. So many different presentations. It is well worth it.

    • Anna Aspnes

      Thank you so much. Happy you enjoyed.

  4. Kim Bartholomew (verified owner)

    Anna is clear and concise. Although I use Gimp and Krita I had no trouble following her instructions.

    • Anna Aspnes (verified owner)

      Oh that’s awesome! I had no idea those programs are so powerful. Thank you so much for sharing Kim.

  5. Jennifer Kendall (verified owner)

    This class is phenomenal! I am relatively new to artsy scrapbooking, and I learned so much in these classes. And I loved that I could use my own photos to re-create the projects. So on top of learning all of the techniques, I completed 12 layouts that were ready for my scrapbooks. Anna has a fantastic teaching style that helps to simplify the art of creating of stunning pages!

    • Anna Aspnes (verified owner)

      Now that’s an awesome BONUS I did not think about. So glad you enjoyed these 🙂

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