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Artsy Title Time Savers

By Thursday, December 20, 2018 (MST) 3 Comments
Artsy Title Time Savers

Creative Team Member, Laura, shares her advice for Artsy Title Time Savers.

Artsy Title Time Savers

I love adding artsy titles to my layouts, but it’s easy for me to overthink them to the point where I get stuck and frustrated.

Anna frequently talks about not getting hung up on reinventing the wheel for every design, especially when life is hectic.

At those times, I try to remember to just go with what I know works for me.

Here are 3 of my go-to title strategies for creating artsy titles–fast.

1. Font Matching

Match the title font to another element in the layout design.

  • This helps support unity in the layout design so that the title looks deliberate and not an afterthought.
  • If you like large-scale titles, this approach also helps the title fit more naturally into the design.
  • Use fonts that have similar shapes, lines, colors or motifs to other elements in your layout.

Artsy Title Time Savers

The Maple Origins font in ‘Canyon Lady’ has a lines of similar size and weight to the flowing curves of the sketch on Joni Mitchell’s album cover


Artsy Title Time Savers

In ‘Trek to Gold,’ the Elephant A Oblique font sports line angles similar to those in the moving train.

2. Title Embellishment

Add one or more dimensional elements to a title.

  • This adds easy visual interest to your words and creates a focal point.
  • Serves to adhere words to a page and avoid title that appear to ‘float’ on the page.
  • Place a variety of LabeledWord elements at different orientations and then anchor them with clustered elements.

Artsy Title Time Savers

  • A button and UrbanThreadz adheres the title ‘Rolling the Pom.’
  • Notice how the word ‘Pom’ is typed in the Laundromat 1967 distressed font that echoes the seedy goodness of the pomegranate.

Artsy Title Time Savers

  • The key cluster adheres the title in ‘The Druid Tree.’
  • An italic font for the word ‘Tree’ complements the organic lines in the tree branches.
  • A stout font was selected for the word ‘Druid’ to emphasize and relate to the sturdiness of the little house.

3. Pre-designed WordART

Jump-Start Your Title with page-ready WordART.

  • Create a title with one or more pieces from an  WordART pack.
  • Customize using Layer Styles, Blending Modes or Color/Size/Rotation adjustments.
  • Crop words from a WordART element and re-arrange as preferred.

Artsy Title Time Savers

  • All of the WordART (including the glittery “big”) in “Hanging with the Big Guy” comes from Holiday WordART Mix No. 8 .
  • To this I added a few words of my own and a word label to complete the design.

Artsy Title Time Savers

Artsy Title Time Savers

  • The same strategy was applied in both ‘Ca-Ching’ and ‘Outside/Inside.’
  • I also added texture and color to the text by clipping papers and transfers from various Artplay Palettes to the fonts.

Three tips if you’re doing this:

  • Type your words in a large ‘blocky’ font such as Coda Heavy or Blackoak Std Regular.
  • Apply Drop Shadow Layer Styles the words to add dimension.
  • Adjust the Blending Modes of the word layers to add even more visual interest.

I hope you give it a go yourself – Use your imagination to make your own artsy title.

Post your digital artistry and artsy digital scrapbooking pages in The Gallery.

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