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FotoInspired February 2022

By Sunday, April 3, 2022 (MDT) No Comments

Today, I’m sharing my FotoInspired February 2022.

FotoInspired February 2022

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The FotoInspired Stats

A total of 2 double-page spreads.

  • Skiing Adventures.
  • Little Moments

Here are my layouts PLUS some thoughts on Making FotoInspired Work.

Febraury 2022

FotoInspired February 2022 Week 5 | Skiing Adventures

Weeks 6 and 7 | Little Moments  Note. Week 8 ‘rolls’ into my March layouts.

Making FotoInspired Work

It’s not about quantity but more about quality.

  • Quality of BOTH the moments experienced and the layouts created.
  • I would rather have one Meaningful layout that multiple pages that do not evoke the same ‘heart’ smile.
  • This month we Enjoyed the living of life which often means Being in the moment.
  • And can result in moments flying by Without them being captured.

It’s OK not to capture ALL the moments.

  • It has taken me a REALLY long time to get to a place where I’m more Relaxed about documenting.
  • I take photos when I think about it, and Don’t worry about it if I don’t.
  • This makes my project Much less stressful, and in a way, it all feels a bit more Authentic.
  • I take photos of my Life instead of living to take Photos.

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