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FotoInspired Project

FotoInspired March 2022

By Thursday, April 21, 2022 (MDT) No Comments

Today, I’m sharing my FotoInspired March 2022.

FotoInspired March 2022

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The FotoInspired Stats

A total of 4 double-page spreads.

  • Everyday photos
  • Spring Break + My Birthday

Here are my layouts PLUS some thoughts on Choosing FotoInspired Layout Foundations.

March 2022

Week 8,9 and 10 | Random Photos Week 11 | Spring Break + My Birthday Week 12 | More Everyday Photos

Choosing FotoInspired Layout Foundations

Personal preference for my layout foundations.

  • Solid cardstock style backgrounds with Uniform and Subtle Texture.
  • This means the chosen Solid Background can be duplicated easily without having Repetition of a fold/crease or stain at the edge of my digital scrapbooking design.
  • The foundations are nearly always Light in color as I have found this the most Simple approach for supporting multiple photos that differ in subject and color.
  • I typically use Neutrals, such as white, cream, beige or tan, but also tend toward blue and green which coordinate well with outdoor photos.
  • Small, unobtrusive patterns add Tension to your digital scrapbooking pages when the Theme is appropriate.
  • Photos that include a lot of white or Light Colors, such as our Colorado winter photos, create Contrast against Dark navy, brown and gray backgrounds.
  • Ultimately, the choice of Solid Paper for your FotoInspired Template Backgrounds will be determine by the Colors in your photos.

Try This.

  • Assess the Colors of your photos and determine which color(s) is/are most Prominent.
  • Choose a Neutral Solid Paper and a one of a Lighter Shade of the identified prevailing colors.
  • Drag the 2 papers directly above the Background layer of your digital scrapbooking layout using the Move Tool from the Tools Panel.
  • Position the papers on one side of the foundation then Duplicate by dragging the 2 layers down to the New Layer icon in the Layers Panel.
  • Reposition the ‘copy’ paper layers to the other side of the digital scrapbooking layout foundation.
  • Now add a Darker Solid Paper and repeat the duplication steps above.
  • You should now have 3 Different Layout Foundation options.
  • Click on the ‘eye’ icon next to each of the paper layers to see which works best with your photos.

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