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Meet The Girl Behind EllaART

By Tuesday, July 25, 2017 (MDT) 15 Comments

Today, I’m sharing meet the girl behind EllaART in the Anna Aspnes Designs store.

Ella happens to be my daughter,  is the beginning of my career as a digital designer, and is turning out to be a veritable artist on her own.

I hope you enjoy getting to know her – She’s a super-special young lady.

Meet The Girl Behind EllaART

How/why did you first begin creating your art?

Art is a way  for me to relax and escape from reality –  i.e. chores and homework.

I started creating art when I was really little, but didn’t get serious about it until 6th grade, when I was identified as Gifted and Talented in the Fine Arts.

In Middle School, I tried out for a few school performances, and played the part of an art critic, Sisky in ‘The Apple.’

It was an awesome experience. I totally love being on stage.

Meet The Girl Behind EllaART

I also began challenging myself in my art classes, and having a lot more fun than I did playing sports. It was at this time, that I gave up volleyball and decided that sport is definitely NOT my thing.

Many people think it’s weird that I don’t play any sports, but I have accepted that I’m just unique, and am happy doing my own thing. It’s OK to be different sometimes.

This past year, I have been getting into both photography and making videos,  which is quickly becoming my favorite pass time.

I like to play around in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and have recently began converting my sketches into brushes under the eA brand found in the EllaART category of my Mom’s online store.

Meet The Girl Behind EllaART

 I think it’s SO COOL that my doodles randomly pop up on the internet and will be printed in a magazine this Fall.

Thank you for supporting my designs – I was recently able to purchase a camera with my Mom and Dad’s help.

Now I can take pictures of whatever inspires me and have SO MUCH FUN editing them.

What tool/technique do you consider indispensable?

A pencil and a notebook is absolutely necessary.

Wherever you are, you can just pull out your notebook and doodle or sketch.

Doodling is one of my favorite things to do, especially if I need help concentrating.

Everyone should also have some kind of camera with them at all times.  You never know when a memory will happen and will want to take a photo, or if there is something that inspires you, or think is beautiful, you can just capture the moment.

Describe your work space…

My work space is actually really simple – Just a white desk in my room with many cups of pens and pencils. It’s always really messy because I am always creating or dreaming about creating.

But I consider a work space to be anywhere with a pencil, some paper, and a computer.

If I could choose anywhere to have my work space, it would be a nice coffee shop. I am huge fan of our local Legends Coffee place, or when i get older, I want to explore coffee houses in Europe.

My dream is to be a traveling photographer.

Something that inspires you outside of your art?

It may seem weird, but something that inspires me, is people watching.

Sitting at a cafe (I’m slightly obsessed), or sitting on a bench somewhere, watching the people walk by.

I love seeing all the different expressions on their faces, even the way they walk, or the vibe that they give off.It all inspires me to make more drawings and/or even take photos of them.

What are your favorite themes or subjects to pursue in your work?

I love to paint and draw portraits, or paint pictures that have a meaning or story behind them.

I used to used a mechanical pencil for all my sketching until my Mom recently got me some proper ones.

When it comes to photography, I enjoy candid shots and food – I really like food and coffee.

I also love to bake – We usually bake gluten, dairy and sometimes grain-free, so I have to get creative with the ingredients.

And I have recently developed my own my own natural lip balm recipe, designed a label and would like to begin selling soon.

What has been the best advice given to you as an artist?

The best advice I have ever been given as an artist is that practice makes perfect.

You can’t just instantly be the best most greatest artist ever. It takes practice to get there.

My mom always tells me that and I think she’s right.

For example, I love photography but I’m not the best at editing yet – I will keep on trying until I reach the level of my favorite photographer idols.

Who are your artist idols?

My most well-known idol is Pablo Picasso, because he took his emotions or what happened in his life, and made it into abstract pieces of art, that are beautiful.

Abstract art is my favorite type of art because it tells a story without too many details.

In photography, I look up to @brandonwoelfel on Instagram – There is just something about his work that is absolutely mesmerizing. I hope that someday, with enough practice, I could come to close to his talent.

What is your perfect creating scenario?

I would like to fly somewhere in Europe –  France or Italy probably, and find the most aesthetically pleasing cafe. There, I would find a table outside, and order a latte, with a couple of my favorite gluten-free macarons on the side.

It would be so inspiring to soak in the ‘wonderfulness’ of the place, and watch the people, as they pass me by.

Tell us something unusual about your creative practice.

Whenever I have coffee, while I am creating, it gets me more inspired and motivated, to just create in general.

Or to just keep on creating, because the inspiration keeps on flowing.

Then again, it could just be a coincidence that I like coffee so much – It’s a good job my Mom limits me to 1-2 cups per day.

How do you handle creative block?

I love Instagram and follow lots of inspiring instagram accounts.The artists below are completely different from each other, but still all inspire me to do something.

BIG THANKS to Ella, the artist profiled in Meet The Girl Behind EllaART.

EllaART.If you enjoyed Meet The Girl Behind EllaART please share using the social media buttons below.

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Join the discussion 15 Comments

  • christy says:

    Wow! Love your sketches, especially the coffee ones (I’m a coffee freak too)! Maybe you could do a coffee themed ArtPlay Palette with your Mom? Or some colored transfers/sketches? It was fun getting to know more about you…you truly are a talented “artsy girl!”

  • Marnie Morgan says:

    Excellent interview! Ella, I really enjoyed getting to know more about you. I admire your insight and courage to own who you are and what you enjoy doing. I love photography as well and encourage you to wear out that new camera of yours!

  • Ulla-May says:

    Love the interview, Ella. So much fun to get to know you better. I also love the sketches you do and the vintage cameras and coffee sketches look fabulous. You´re so talented. Like you I love to sit at a cafe and watch people pass. (There are 27 coffeeshops in the small town where I live and it´s called The Capital of Fika.)

  • Marleen says:

    First of all your photo is so great and cool, I love your glasses, you are just beautiful! I agree art relax, also looking art on Internet does the same, when I have a bad day I can look for hours. So great you love abstract Art, also my favorite Ella. You are very eager to learn when it comes to art I read, this you got from your mom, for sure! It’s absolutely no problem that you’re not into sports, many creative people have nothing with sport. Great that you also love photography, good for your inspiration, super you have a new camera. You have so many interests, I’m very curious to know for which you finally are going to choose in the future. I love your brushes and doodles very much, I’ve used them in a few layouts, I love both to work with so please go further with it. You adore coffee so you have to come to Europe, Paris is a city with many artist. I‘m impressed how great you can draw an eye, which is one of the most difficult things, it’s really great Ella. I agree you need practice but you will see the more you do something the better it goes, take your time girl. Once again come to Europe when the time comes, I’m sure you will have a great time, above all Italy is wonderful. Thanks for this great interview, I wish you all the success and luck of the world for the future!

    With love,

  • pam p says:

    Love the honesty and enthusiasm that you have…… keep on making “your journey ” happen!!!!!

  • nickel says:

    Love to read about your wonderful and creative daughter! very inspiring!

  • Adryane says:

    A fun and interesting read about you and your art! I will enjoy watching you evolve as an artist.

  • Donna J Goar says:

    Thanks for this wonderful and inspiring blog. Ella, you are wise and sensitive and insightful……………..all excellent qualities in being open to the creative process. I’m excited for both of you, Anna and Ella, to share this wonderful ART adventure together. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

  • Pam J says:


    Sport is not a “must”. It is not the god many make it into.

    BE different…. I have spent 62 years being different. Its GOOD !

    People watching…. keep it up… it will teach to you see beyond the moment.. it will show you that action have reactions. Your art does that…it is a starting point.. a road.. and a continuum

    Photography… that too will teach you not just to look… but to SEE

    Art… try looking at details !! Abstract is fine… but look at a Dutch Master.. and see the multiple stories they tell. Try the Girl with The Pearl Earring for a start ! Detail makes the most wonderful paths to follow.

    You have talent and time Ella …enjoy the journey… it isn’t the destination that counts so much as the moments along the way.

  • Linda says:

    Wonderful perspective Ella, so glad you shared!!

  • Beverly says:

    Anna, you are a true Artist, through and through! Seeing you on stage was super fun, and your drawing talent is amazing. The encouragement you receive from your family is simply the best, and I know you will excel in the field of Arts! It’s truly exciting to see how young people blossom! Go strong and go far!! Follow your dreams.

  • Louise Workman says:

    Ella is an amazingly talented girl. Her story is inspiring and her art is too. You have every reason to be bursting with pride!

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