How To:

  1. Select a photo and dark colored background move all images onto a 12 x 12 300DPI New File. Extract the subject of your photo using the Pen tool from the Tools panel as outlined in [this] link to Create Extractions and Custom Shadows blog post.
  2. Duplicate the extracted image 4 times, and apply Blending Modes in the following order from the bottom of the Layers panel to the top: Multiply at 100% Opacity, Hard Light at 49%, Hard Light at 56% and Overlay at 41%.
  3. Add ModGrunge FotoBlendz in white behind the image layers and add paint transfers from ArtPLAY™ Palette Autumn. Recolor and apply Blending Modes such as Darken, then embellishment with remaining DigitalART products.
  4. Create a Cast Show by duplicating the extracted image, convert to black then transform and skew the image before applying a Gaussian Blur filter.
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