How To:

  1. Select a KardStock paper and move to a 12 x 12 300DPI New File using the Move tool from the Tools panel. Select and open 2 WaterColor FotoBlendz mask files and add to the foundation.
  2. Select, open and move a photo onto the layout. Duplicate the image layer, place directly above each mask layer in the Layers panel, then clip each photo to the underlying mask. Select the photo layer and press CTRL + G (Elements) or CTRL + ALT +G (Photoshop). Note that the smaller mask should be above the large mask in the Layers panel.
  3. Edit the blended photos using Levels/Curves, merge the clipped mask layers and apply desired blending mode to each layer. Erase areas of the blended photos using brushes and a layer mask, then embellish with gold paint and SkinnyLined overlay elements to create visual interest.
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