10 Ways To Frame Your Photos

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Video class LIVE replay revealing 10 digital scrapbooking and photo artistry  ‘framing’ techniques via a series of layout deconstructs with step-by-step written guide.


10 Ways To Frame Your Photos in your digital scrapbooking and photo artistry

Video class LIVE replay PLUS comprehensive step-by-step written guide.

10 digital scrapbooking and photo artistry  ‘framing’ techniques via a series of digital scrapbooking and photo artistry layout deconstructs.

This Way | Adryane

What To Expect

  • Video REPLAY of LIVE class in .MP4 format.
  • Comprehensive 13-page guide delivered in .pdf file format.
  • 10 layouts with accompanying ‘replicable’ Sketch images to simplify the design approach.
  • Detailed Step-By-Step instructions for creating each of the layouts.
  • All digital art products are Linked for your convenience.
  • Tips and Recommendations also included.
  • Available for IMMEDIATE download.

Vivify | ViVre

What You Will Learn:

  • Organically frame your photos with Embellishments.
  • Inverse a selection to crop an element.
  • Use the Puppet Warp Tool.
  • Create a brush from an Overlay.
  • Make/mask a Composite layer.
  • Soften hard edges in your layout designs.
  • Extend the use of Stitching via Modification.
  • Enhance the Visual Weight of smaller photos.
  • Add artistry to your layouts to support Focal Points.
  • Modify the Proportions of your digital art elements.
  • Lead the Eye with embellishments in a linear design concept.
  • Divide your layouts to Simplify your artistry approach.
  • Create Tension using line techniques.
  • Placement on transfers to Envelope your images.
  • Extend a photo subject using digital art.
  • Use multiple composite layers to create Complex artistry effects.
  • Create ways to use ArtStrokes in framing.
  • Target your Masking using Clipping Masks.
  • Duplication of layers and applying Blending Modes.
  • Design approaches Inspired by digital art.
  • Frame your frames.
  • Think out-side-the-box to Unique framing approaches.
  • The Importance of intersections.
  • Frame your elements with a Stroke.
  • Dispersing element layers.
  • And a whole LOT more!

Moments | Miki Krueger

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1 review for 10 Ways To Frame Your Photos

  1. crystaldolphins50 (verified owner)

    When I heard this mentioned in the aA Connect, my thought was that I would purchase it to check it out. After scanning through it – I am hooked! I will definitely be buying any of these that you create!

    The sketches that you have done are perfect and make it easier to imagine my own elements and photos. The original layout shows what it could look like – almost like confirmation, as I don’t want to duplicate someone’s design.

    The detailed steps are awesome and I love having this all in one place (as opposed to looking in the gallery and hoping there are step-by-steps)

    Love, love, love this idea and I will be purchasing any others❤ Fantastic for when I am experiencing a creative block, with the designs in one easy place!

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