Design Custom Mask Commercial License


A Limited Commercial Use License for Design Custom Masks class by Anna Aspnes Designs for Digital Designers.




These Terms of Use (TOU) are valid for the limited commercial application of Design Custom Masks class by Anna Aspnes Designs ONLY.

In purchasing the limited commercial use license you agree to comply with the TOU.

The TOU is subject to amendment by Anna Aspnes at any time and you also agree that you are bound by any subsequent changes.

 Copyright © Anna Aspnes at AnnaAspnesDesigns 2002-2020

  • All content is Copyright © Anna Aspnes at Anna Aspnes Designs 2002-2020 unless otherwise stated in the TOU.
  • Ownership and Copyright are retained by Anna Aspnes at Anna Aspnes Designs, are non-transferable and all rights are reserved.
  • It is illegal to reproduce or distribute copyrighted material without permission of the copyright owner.
  • Any dispute concerning designs by Anna Aspnes will be resolved through arbitration in the State of Colorado, and Colorado (and federal) law will apply

 License and Authorized Usage

 This is a single-user, limited commercial usage license.

You are granted a license to use the materials as follows:

You MAY:

  • Design original custom masks design using the TECHNIQUES ONLY in conjunction with YOUR OWN DigitalART SUPPLIES, to create DIGITAL files for RESALE to your customers. (Digital Designers in the Digital Scrapbooking Industry can use these techniques with your own digital resources, THAT THEY HAVE CREATED OR ACQUIRED, to sell the files in both .png and .psd format to their customer).


  • Use the DigitalART supplies included in the Design Custom Masks class to create digital files in any format for resale.
  • Redistribute or resell material individually or as part of a collection.
  • Use the materials to create and resell or redistribute derivatives or altered versions.
  • Use the materials to make other commercial use products.
  • Use the materials to make free products or products you intend to give away.
  • Claim any material or its derivatives as your own work.
  • Use Anna Aspnes Designs for any pornographic, racial or other offensive purposes.


Anna Aspnes Designs is not responsible to you, any person, or organization for loss and/or damages arising from the use of Anna Aspnes Designs DigitalART products.

Please contact me at with any questions about licensing.

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