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5 Ways to Tell a Digital Scrapbooking Story

By Thursday, February 17, 2022 (MST) 3 Comments

Today, Miki Krueger, is sharing 5 Ways to Tell a Digital Scrapbooking Story if you are facing writer’s block, frozen in front of the computer and nothing is coming to you.

5 Ways to Tell a Digital Scrapbooking Story


Learn a variety of ways to journal or tell the story in a digital scrapbooking or photo artistry layout design.

  • Humor
  • Ancestors’ Fiction
  • Lists
  • Texts
  • Prompts/Story Starters/Quotes

Start Here

“You have a story that is unfolding every day–unlike anyone else’s–and you can tell your story with a combination of writing, pictures, and visual design on scrapbook pages.” Get It Scrapped.

  • Put down what you know first – You can then embellish these Facts later.
  • Talk to the Person(s) might be reading this in the future.
  • Appeal to the Senses, describing sights, sounds, smells, emotions or feelings.
  • Use details in your photos to Inspire the story.

1. Use Humor

Laughter is the best medicine they say. There is nothing like a good joke or a funny story in a digital scrapbooking or photo artistry layout design.

  • Humor is something that is Funny, comical, or amusing. 
  • Surprise, exaggeration or hyperbole and absurdity are Examples that can be used in a humorous story.
  • What part of the photo do you find humorous? Did the person Say Something that struck you funny? 
  • Describe a time when humor helped you Feel Better about a challenging situation.
  • Use Speech Bubbles to help with the dialogue flow –  They provide a Visual Representation of the speech or thoughts of a person.

Ride The Dirt | Miki

2. Ancestors’ Fiction

Our ancestors’ stories often hold potential for great plot lines in a digital scrapbooking or photo artistry layout design.

  • You will likely find Interesting Characters in your own family tree.
  • Write their stories as historical fiction, or relate their Experiences to the present day or future.
  • Combine what really happened with a little Fiction for entertainment.
  • Travel back in time or have the ancestor travel to the present time.
  • Invite an ancestor to dinner – Review your family tree, which ancestors Would you like to meet? 
  • Tell some of the funny stories that have been Passed Down about your ancestors.
  • Which ones had the most Colorful personalities or lives?
  • Mix up the generations, and make comparisons in terms of Similarity or Difference.
  • Create a dialogue between the ancestors – It could be contentious or marveling at the Evolution through the years.

Fantasy Thanksgiving | Miki

In The Kitchen | Miki

Potluck Supper | Miki

3. Generate Lists

Use lists describing each photo, when using lots of images in your digital scrapbooking or photo artistry pages.

  • Let the photos speak for themselves – An image speaks a thousand words.
  • Lists Ease the writing process and negate the need for writing long, detailed sentences.
  • Add a Number to each image then provide a brief Description. 
  • You can also provide the Details in list format.

Texas Style | Miki

Support The Economy | Miki

4. Text Messages

Texts are such a BIG part of our ‘smart’ and everyday lives to be included in your digital scrapbooking or photo artistry layout designs.

  • Create a Screenshot of a text message and include it with your photo.
  • Instructions for Android and Apple.
  • Email the shot to your computer and then Import it into Photoshop to use.
  • Screen shots represent Snippets of Real Life, because by nature, they are intended to be Quick a Form of Communication.


  • If the text message is long, make Multiple Screenshots.
  • You can then ‘stitch’ or place them together in Adobe Photoshop to share an Entire Conversation.

Apple Pie | Miki

G[eeek] | Miki

Taste of Home | Miki

5. Title Prompts

Prompts are words that spark stories for your digital scrapbooking or photo artistry pages.

  • Prompts can include single Words, Phrases and Quotes.
  • Use the elements from WordART and  StoryStarters by Anna Aspnes Designs to Inspire your journaling.
  • Longer sequences of words such as Quotes, Poems or Songs can tell a story or provide scope for Expanding an Idea.
  • as a jumping off point for further journaling or let the quote do the talking all on its own.
  • They are also a great way to Embellish white space in your digital scrapbooking and photo artistry layouts or Communicate a story that you can’t quite put into words as effectively. 
  • Words in general provide Context to your photos and can Instill fun, inspiration, laughter, or sentimentality into your scrapbook pages.

Give Thanks | Miki

Moments of Regret | Miki


There are many approaches to journaling the stories of your photos in your digital scrapbooking or photo artistry layout designs.

  • Try not to overthink the writing – Get the facts down first then embellish with some Personal Thoughts or Feelings on the matter.
  • Make your journaling more interesting, and Have a Little Fun through the process, by bringing some Humor in the stories you share.
  • Look to the past, and include anecdotes from your Heritage to connect generations and bring meaning to scrapbooking.
  • Write Lists, rather than complete sentences or paragraphs, for a Simple approach to jotting down the important details.
  • Incorporate Conversations via Text Message for a quick and visual way to tell your stories.
  • Use word prompts to Spark a Story Idea using the imagery in your photo(s).


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