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BrushSet Inspiration 19 August 2019

By Monday, August 19, 2019 (MDT) No Comments

Happy Monday! Today we’re sharing BrushSet Inspiration 19 August 2019 using NEW releases by Anna Aspnes Designs.

This inspiration post is intended to give you guidance on using current and New DigitalART, Sales and Specials.

BrushSet Inspiration 19 August 2019

Click on the images below to access complete digital design supply lists and process notes.

Louisville | Nancy

Create a Neon Light Effect

Use bright colors on a dark background

  • Load the Charcoal No. 1 BrushSet into the Brushes Panel.
  • Select the Paint Brush Tool from the Tools Panel.
  • Create a New Layer by clicking on the ‘New Layer’ icon at the top (Photoshop) or bottom (Elements) of the Layers Panel.
  • Choose a brush and change the Size and Rotation as preferred.
  • Use the Color Picker from the Foreground Color in the Tools Panel to specify Color.
  • Stamp the different brushes in VERY bright colors over a dark background to create an illuminating effect.
  • See also Loading and Using Brushes.

Fractured | Viv

‘Artsify’ Your  Portraits

Use textures to bring your portrait photos to life

  • Blend a photo into an Artsy Paper using the FotoBlendz clipping mask of your choice.
  • Select a mid-gray color using the Color Picker to set the Foreground Colors.
  • Stamp PaperTextures No. 11 on New Layers to support the prominent lines in the photo.
  • Experiment with applying Blending Modes to the texture layers, such as Linear or Color Burn.
  • Learn more about textures in Layers of Brushes and Textures video.

Stay Wild | Adryane

Lead the Eye

Add splatters for visual interest and to guide the eye

SALE on dvanced Brushes Classes

Take your brush skills from Basic to advanced less than 6 hours.

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