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Create Purposefully Packed Layouts

By Thursday, September 12, 2019 (MDT) 3 Comments

Today, Creative Team Member, Marnie, is sharing how to Create Purposefully Packed Layouts.

Create Purposefully Packed Layouts

Learn how to choose DigitalART supplies and make purposeful selections.

1. Gather Supplies

The parallel between packing for travel and packing a page.

  • As I was packing for a recent trip, I noted a parallel with my artsy digital scrapbooking process.
  • A week prior to travel, I open my suitcase and start filling it.
  • My packing list guides the gathering and ensures I don’t forget the essentials—phone charger, camera, vitamins.
  • Likewise, when creating a layout, I gather DigitalART supplies into a desktop file and/or in Photoshop/Elements Photo Bin.

Note. A photograph typically inspires an appropriate ArtPlay Palette selection, and when a page seems incomplete, it’s missing TEXTURE via Stitching or Brushes.

2. Edit Selections

Choose design elements with purpose. 

  • Inevitably, my suitcase won’t close due to my desire to include much more than the necessities.
  • So I start editing.
  • Maybe I don’t need two jackets, a sweatshirt, and a poncho?
  • The same holds true when making my final selections for a layout.
  • I love Anna’s products so much I want to use as many as possible on each page;
  • but for the sake of design, a little paring down is usually in order.

3. Begin Creating

All packed and ready to go! The layout come together with much more ease.

  • With airline baggage weight regulations in mind, I manage to narrow the contents of my suitcase before flying.
  • When creating a scrapbook layout, I experiment by hiding some layers and rearranging others, to achieve balance in my design.


The process of selecting DigitalART supplies is not dissimilar from packing for travel.

  • Select a focal image to guide the selection of complementary digital artistry supplies.
  • Experiment with various combinations of background papers, texture, and elements to find the best fit for your photo.
  • Add, subtract, resize, and rearrange layout components to achieve balance in your design.

You may also like the following when ‘packing’ your own layout designs:

DigitalART Supply List

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