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Multiple Smart Phone App Editing Process

By Thursday, February 21, 2019 (MST) One Comment

Today, Creative Team Member, Miki, is sharing her Multiple SmartPhone App Editing Process.

Multiple Smart Phone App Editing Process

Manipulate your photo using multiple artsy iPhone Apps and then blend together in Adobe Photoshop or Elements.


Great for making an image lighter or darker.

  • The Tune Image and White Balance (Tools) functions were used to brighten the image and improve the color.
  • Hue/Saturation adjustments intensified the colors providing greater contrast.
Photo Editing with SmartPhone Apps


Transforms a photo into a watercolor image.

  • Choose from a variety of presets.
  • The ‘bold setting’ was selected to create a brightly colored watercolor image.
Photo Editing with SmartPhone Apps

Sketch Master

Creates a pencil drawing effect

  • Adds definition to the watercolor image.
  • The watercolor image was processed using Sketch Master to create a monochrome line drawing.
Photo Editing with SmartPhone Apps

Adobe Photoshop or Elements

Blend the images together.

  • Import both the ‘watercolor’ and ‘sketch’ images into Adobe Photoshop or Elements.
  • Place the ‘watercolor’ image below the ‘sketch’ image in the Layers Panel.
  • Change the Blending Mode of the ‘sketch’ layer to Darken.
  • This allows areas of the ‘watercolor’ image to show through the ‘sketch’ image therefore blending them together.
  • Merge the two layers together (CMD/CTRL + M).
Photo Editing with SmartPhone Apps

Artsy Digital Layout

Create A Foundation.

Tip: The mask was recolored to match the color of the background page for better blending of the image edges. Use the Color Picker (eye dropper) to sample the paper color, then recolor the mask Edit> Fill Layer.

Photo Editing with SmartPhone Apps

Build the Color and Textures.

  • Layer Transfers and Overlays from Artplay Palette Ocean Cove to create more dimension.
  • Note that snowflakes are not just for winter pages – They make great waves on a beach page adding texture and interest!
  • And they don’t always need to be white – Recolor some of the SnowSpray No. 4 brushes to add more punch to the page.
Photo Editing with SmartPhone Apps

Enhance and Embellish

Photo Editing with SmartPhone Apps

Post your digital artistry and artsy digital scrapbooking pages in The Gallery, and if you liked this Multiple SmartPhone App Editing Process tutorial, please consider sharing it using the social media buttons below.

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