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Create and print a beautifully curated photo book in this LIVE 6 week workshop.

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Learn how to create a cohesive travel photo book project using photo artistry and digital scrapbooking techniques.

A 6-week LIVE event transforming digital photos into a printed photo book format.

  • Take your unorganized vacation or Travel Photos and turn them into a sophisticated photo book project.
  • Master the use of  Template Collections in Adobe Photoshop or Elements to create simple layout designs.
  • Understand and implement Successful strategies for starting and completing a big project.
  • Preserve photos and include Memories using a variety of imagery and travel Memorabilia.
  • Glean encouragement and Inspiration via community during this in-depth guided course.

Also Included:

  • Staycation photo book theme ideas.
  • Plan ahead for Upcoming travel adventures.
  • Adapt the lessons beyond travel to suit any Event.
  • Guidance for Celebrating your photos when a vacation does NOT go to plan.
  • A plan for documenting negative Experiences with a ‘Life’s Lessons’ approach.
  • Inspiration and steps for Improving your writing skills and telling Better stories.

Revolutionize Photo Preservation

Transform Your Photos From…



What You Will Learn:

  • What a Photo Book Project is and how to Successfully Complete one.
  • Understand the importance of Planning and how it will help you become more Efficient in your memory keeping.
  • Everything you Need to know about where to start and Avoid the Overwhelm of tackling a large photo project.
  • Choose the right Approaches to guide the Structure and layout foundations for your photo book.
  • Master the art of supporting your photos with Engaging and Authentic Storytelling.
  • Inspiration and guidance for Selecting a Theme using an interactive worksheet approach.
  • Organize your Project for simple and efficient photo artistry layout creation.
  • Best practices for Choosing Photos that Best Support your stories and appropriate Placement in your page designs.
  • How to Pair Down your images to create an efficient and engaging project that does not ‘Blow the bank account.’
  • Step-by-step guidance for Selecting The Right Digital Supplies to enhance the artistry and create a Cohesive Photo Book Project.
  • Considerations and recommendations for Printing your Project and when to make such decisions.
  • All my favorite Techniques for working with Template Collections and Digital Assets by Anna Aspnes Designs.

What You CAN Expect

1. Written Content Support

A step-by-step Proven approach for planning ANY photo book project.

  • Start Here – A Photo Project Guide with Theme Inspiration (.pdf)
  • Travel Project Worksheet is a proven guided approach for  Choosing a Theme (.pdf)
  • Printing Guidance – Considerations for choosing Printing Method and Format for your layout designs (.pdf)
  • TWO Travel Project Plan Examples – Inspiration for your own Project Plan (.pdf)
  • Project Plan Printable Worksheet –  Step-by-step guidance for creating your own Project Plan (.docx so that it’s editable)


  • The Start Here .pdf is a 21 pages workbook guiding you through Everything you Need to Know about planning a Photo Book Project.
  • Every section prompts you with Action Steps to instill confidence and guide you through the decision-making process.
  • A separate worksheet is included to help you choose your Travel Theme with a Summary Checklist to ensure feasibility.

NEW for 2023


  • List of Ideas and prompts for Travel Stories.
  • Guidance for Improving your project Writing.
  • List of photos to Capture ‘CheatSheet’
  • Inspiration for what to Include in any travel project.
  • Novel travel photobook Titles.
  • Updated favorite Fonts for titles and journaling.
  • All my Secrets for speeding up the Creation of your project pages.
  • Tips for overcoming Procrastination and Overthinking.
  • How to make your pages more Interactive by incorporating Video/Audio.
  • Additional content based on Your Requests and questions.
  • There is ALWAYS more added to these projects than you think is going to be!

What’s Included:

  • An Introduction to creating artistic photo projects.
  • The importance of  Planning with Step-By-Step approach.
  • The 5 Steps to being successful and efficient in your project
  • Guidance and support in Selecting a personalized theme.
  • Establishing Parameters for your project.
  • Choosing an Approach that supports your Preferences.
  • Master Selection and Organization for any artistry project.
  • A HUGE list of Travel Theme and Staycation ideas to inspire and challenge you.
  • Comprehensive guidance and advice for Printing your layouts.
  • Project Plan examples PLUS printable worksheet for your own use.
  • Techniques, approaches, and original ideas to Inspire you.
  • Community support to help YOU start and finish your project.
  • In-depth Demonstrations of layout and project creation.
  • Opportunity to ask questions (via email or in LIVE sessions) and have the class Tailored to your project.
  • Direct access to Anna Aspnes for feedback and support.
  • So much FUN and the reward that comes with the COMPLETION of a printed photobook.

In other words, EVERYTHING you need to do this thing!

2. Video Inspiration Sessions

6 LIVE sessions with REPLAYS.

  • Each session will be approx. 1 -1/2 to 2 hours in length.
  • All videos will take place via the Zoom platform.
  • Demonstrations in both Adobe Photoshop CC and Photoshop Elements.
  • Videos are delivered in .MP4 format.

3. Schedule of Sessions

  • Session #1 – Monday 17 July 2023 at 2 pm MDT
  • Session #2 – Tuesday 25 July 2023 at 2 pm MDT
  • Session #3 – Monday 31 July 2023 at 2 pm MDT
  • Session #4 – Tuesday 8 August 2023 at 2 pm MDT
  • Session #5 – Monday 14 August 2023 at 2 pm MDT
  • Session #6 – Tuesday 22 August 2023 at 2 pm MDT

4. The Templates

This workshop includes the NEW!! Travel Template Album No 7.

A collection of 20 – 12 X 12 artsy and blended layered templates for travel and vacation-themed photo book creation.

  • Delivered in single-page format but also designed to work together as double-page spreads.
  • Includes a BONUS cover set for photo book printing.
  • Intended for use with the clipping mask function or for recoloring in Photoshop, Elements, and Paint Shop Pro.
  • All drop shadows, masks, frames, brushwork, stitching, and text boxes shown are included.
  • This collection of templates ALSO coordinates with last year’s Travel Template Album No. 6.

5. Private Facebook Group

Access the to Private Community for Travel Project Class Members Only.


You will also get a 40% Coupon to Anna Aspnes Designs at Oscrap for the duration of the workshop.

  • NOT VALID on digital products released in the last 12 weeks.
  • Shop ‘a la carte’ at a 40% Discount for items to complete your project.
  • Available from 17 July 2023 through the last session of the Travel Project.

Got a Question?

Email me and I am happy to answer it for you.

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4 reviews for aA Travel Project 2023

  1. ChristineCristina (verified owner)

    I have always admired Anna Aspnes scrapbook pages so when I had the opportunity to take her travel class, I was so excited. I can say without a doubt she is an exceptional teacher. Watching her deconstruct her page and learn her thought process on how to build an exquisite page was fascinating. Anna invests a lot of time and effort to ensure you understand each step of the process. Her willingness to provide extra help and support throughout the entire class goes far beyond the norm. She makes herself available no matter when you need help. I learned so many new techniques (QR codes, blending modes, 2-page spreads, etc.) and thanks to this class, I have a beautiful book of my vacation memories to last a lifetime. I will never scrapbook the same way again thanks to learning from her. I highly recommend taking any class from Anna. I can’t wait to continue learning from her.

  2. Susan D (verified owner)

    I’ve taken several of Anna’s classes and, after doing so, know that she puts her heart and soul into producing and teaching them, including the Travel Project 2023. Though this class is invaluable for scrapbookers at any level, it is essential for students new to the photo book process. Not only does Anna provide extensive supplemental documentation to support your journey, but she also has an “open-door” policy for answering all your lingering questions. Very few people would go to such great lengths to make sure her students are successful, but Anna goes above and beyond what’s expected. Highly recommended!

  3. Raymond Easley (verified owner)

    This Travel Project was the primary reason I was able to print a Blurb book using our vacation photos. Her class is insightful, instructional with 7 1 1/2 to 2 hour classes that you can review at anytime. Even though this is my 3rd book, I will take more of her Travel and End of Year Projects because of the new material that is always presented. I hope this helps.

  4. Joan Krebs (verified owner)

    As with all of Anna’s classes, there were so many nuggets of digi-scrapping tips and tricks. I customized the layouts and created a year-in-review calendar. I am very happy with the results, and I hope to do the same for 2024 (only starting earlier!!).

    • Anna Aspnes (verified owner)

      Love this Joan. Thanks for sharing!

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