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Everything you need to know about creating a Year in Review Photo Book Project in under 2 Hours 🙂



Learn how to plan and create a Year in Review Project.

  • Create 1-2 double-page spreads for each MONTH of the year.
  • Understand HOW to use the MonthReview Template Album series.
  • Capture photos that reflect your STORY.
  • Select and ORGANIZE to ensure project SUCCESS.
  • Document a year of PHOTOS + STORIES in one photo book.

Now is ALWAYS a GOOD time to Begin!

  • January is typically a ‘neat and tidy’ START for a project like this.
  • BUT there is no ‘bad’ time to start telling YOUR stories with photos and artistry.
  • Document THIS year or create a project with images from PAST years.

What You CAN Expect

1. 2HR LIVE Session REPLAY

  • 8-Page ‘Course Content’ in .pdf format with STEP-BY-STEP instructions.
  • Master Template for creating Double-Page spreads from single templates.
  • BONUS coupon for MonthReview Template Album No. 5

2. Why You Need this Session

  • Create a layout EVERY month.
  • It’s a VERY ‘doable’ goal.
  • Tell your STORIES when they are ‘fresh in mind.’
  • Take photos that SUPPORT your stories.
  • Don’t leave it all until the END of the year!

3. What You Will Learn

  • Use and MODIFY template Album collections
  • Make the most out of the BONUS BrushSet.
  • COMBINE different Template Collections to share more images.
  • WHAT to include in your monthly layouts.
  • Capture/choose the right PHOTOS for your pages.
  • HOW to perfectly BALANCE your photos.
  • Identify STORIES that represent your life.
  • Guidance on HOW to start AND write your stories.
  • Select DigitalART supplies to SUPPORT your stories.
  • Organize CONTENT for use in your layouts.
  • Stay INSPIRED throughout the year.
  • Guidance on PRINTING your pages.

4. The Templates


  • But there is a BONUS coupon included with this class on the template collection used in class.
  • SAVE $10 on the  MonthReview Template Album No. 5 using INCLUDED coupon.
  • Valid through 10 August 2031.

How Will You Document Your Year?

Register below and let me guide you.

Got a Question?

Email me or comment below and I would be happy to answer it for you.

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3 reviews for aA Year in Review Project REPLAY

  1. Trish Hoskin (verified owner)

    Another great course from Anna. The templates are great fun to use and Anna’s follow up emails and live sessions always provide fun and clarity if needed. It’s a great way to have an overall memory of the year by month and once you print your book at the end of the course it’s a great achievement. Would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone.

  2. Tina Wilson (verified owner)

    Anna’s classes are always full of good information and inspiration and this class is no exception. She helped motivate me to begin my year in review and taught composition tips that were helpful. I enjoyed this class very much.

  3. tami.cooper (verified owner)

    This class is a great overview of creating a book as we move through the year. Anna packed it full of insights and suggestions to help us tell our stories – the big ones and the little everyday ones that we might overlook. She includes info on printing options and different book types. Even if you don’t plan to do a Year In Review project, you will find great value in what to consider as you launch your next photo book project.

    • Anna Aspnes

      Thanks do much for the kind words Tami. Glad you enjoyed this class 🙂

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