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Taking The Creativity Outdoors

By Monday, February 3, 2020 (MST) 6 Comments

Today I’m sharing some thoughts on Taking The Creativity Outdoors and how it helps me create endlessly without burnout.

The Story

Adventuring in the mountains.

Eric and I spent this past weekend in one my favorite places, doing one of my favorite things. MOJO

  • The weather was unusually warm allowing us to reach terrain at higher elevations.
  • We pushed ourselves OUTSIDE OUR COMFORT ZONE finding exhilaration in trying something new.
  • The views were not only breathtaking but were GOOD for my soul.
  • There is something very GROUNDING in connecting with the energy outdoors.
  • An appreciation that LIFE is so much BIGGER than we are.

I love to ski as much as I like to create.

And my need to CREATE and then find solace in the OUTDOORS are EQUALLY dependent on one another.

There is a BALANCE that is achieved by practicing BOTH in a complementary fashion.

  • Being outdoors REPLENISHES the creativity that the PROCESS depletes.
  • The creativity is INSPIRED by the SIGHTS, SOUNDS and ENERGY of being outdoors.

Ebb and Flow

You channel not force creativity.

The trick is learning how to leverage creativity and maximize its power by creating BALANCE with other aspects of your life.

  • EBB is usually a sign you need MORE balance
  • FLOW is usually a sign you are IN balance.

We are just conduits for creative energy.

EVERYONE has the CAN be creative.

As long as you are willing to:

  • Be open to the risks creativity offers.
  • Push yourself outside your comfort zone.
  • Practice regularly to improve.
  • Know when to walk away, rest and recharge.

Skiing and Artistry

One is not dissimilar from the other but provides contrast.

My Grandma (amd my Mum) always said (says), ‘ A change is as good as a rest.’

While skiing is QUITE a bit different to creating art in it’s practice.

The FUNDAMENTALS are uncannily the SAME.

You also have to be:

  • Open to the risks skiing poses.
  • Push yourself outside your comfort zone.
  • Practice regularly to improve.
  • Know when to walk away, rest and recharge.

It’s a familiar DANCE that creates both SIMILARITY and CONTRAST in it’s DIVERSITY.

Pace Yourself

Stepping away is NOT Quitting

  • It’s respecting the EBB and FLOW of creativity.
  • It’s recognizing your HUMAN limitations.
  • It’s allowing your creative ‘muscles’ to REST and come back stronger.
  • It’s adding DIVERSITY into your artistry.
  • It’s the ONLY way to AVOID burnout.

Find Your Balance

It doesn’t have to be an ALL or NOTHING approach.

The key to SUCCESS is finding what works for YOU.

It could be:

  • Time spent with family.
  • Pursuing another hobby/sport.
  • Traveling and adventures.

You get to CHOOSE the BALANCE of artistry to life that is APPROPRIATE for you.

In the same way that I get to choose not to venture too much beyond the Blacks when we’re skiing:)

What fills you up and helps you sustain your creativity?

I would love to know – Please share in the comments below.

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Join the discussion 6 Comments

  • Dale says:

    Anna, this is one of the best and most valuable Blog Posts you have done. Balance in life is more important than most of us realise….I used to feel guilty about “taking time out to hike or kayak” which are extras to my normal exercise routine, but over time the benefits have been ten fold! Thank you so much for reminding us to spend time outdoors doing what we love. My grandfather used to say: “everything in moderation, even moderation”! xx

  • Cheryl McCain says:

    Oh Anna, what an inspiring blog post! I’m pretty sure everything in my life, at least at the present time, is out of balance.
    I DO love the outdoors and just today, I promised myself to start walking again. Getting fresh air, taking time to think or even listening to music or podcasts while walking will help get some balance back. And it will soon be time for getting my garden seeds started indoors for my garden this summer! That’s my happy place. I need to focus on that awhile and see where it takes me. Pushing myself and trying new things this year in the garden! I so enjoyed your post.

  • Maureen says:

    Lots of wisdom in this post Anna and beautifully presented with both the photos (amazing) and the clean and striking text. aADesign at your best!!

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