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FotoInspired Project

FotoInspired October to December 2019 

By Tuesday, January 28, 2020 (MST) No Comments

Today I’m finally updating you on my FotoInspired  2019.

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The FotoInspired Stats

A total of 13 double-page spreads for the last 3 months of the year.

And 54 Double-page spreads for my Year 2019 FotoInspired Project

October 2019

Week 40 | Homecoming Weeks 41 and 42 | Fall Break Week 43 and 44 

November 2019

Weeks 45 and 46 Week  47 | Monet Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum Week 48 | Thanksgiving Skiing in Breckenridge/Vail Weeks 48 and 49

December 2019

Week 50 Week 51 Week 52

Front Cover

Thoughts on Catching Up

The Ebb and Flow

The last quarter of the year is ALWAYS full of life, work and ALL those moments in between.

I used to think it was the worst thing in the world to fall behind. But from experience I now know it’s all part and parcel of the creative experience.

Making the digital artistry work in your life.

There are times in your year where you will be busy, and others not so much.

And this looks different for everyone based on your own personal circumstance.

Pay attention to the cyclical nature of these events and plan for them in your own calendar.

My FotoInpired project takes a nose-dive toward the end of the year, but typically picks back up when it’s a bit quieter in the New year.

There is a place for both living and documenting without having to do it all at once.

The trick is to find BALANCE and ALIGNMENT  to create as much EASE in the process as possible.

Simplify The Process

Ease is what keeps us in the game.

You tend to ‘fall off the wagon’ when it gets TOO hard.

Steps you can take to get back (and stay) on course to project completion.

1.  Schedule Layouts

  • Make your project a priority by allotting time in your calendar to make the magic happen.
  • If you don’t plan for success, then in today’s busy world, you’re not going to achieve it.
  • Establish a plan and stick to it.

2. Pace Yourself

  • Be realistic about what you can achieve in an given day, month and year.
  • Focus on one layout at a time.
  • Try not to look ahead at all you have to achieve.
  • Look instead at the progress you have made.

3. Find Speed in Simplicity

  • Use templates with more photo masks.
  • Select only the most important photos and stories.
  • Minimalize your DigitalART embellishment.
  • Embrace a ‘GOOD ENOUGH’ mentality.

4. Batch Creative Tasks

  • Work on multiple pages at once
  • Add your photos to 3 templates, then embellish them all, before adding the words last.
  • You will feel like you are getting more done faster.


Bringing the pages to life.

My FotoInspired Project will be printed to become a tangible record of our year.

Now moving on to year 2020 – Will you joining me?

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