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Tutorial | Create a Photo Background with Brushes

By Thursday, September 3, 2015 (MDT) 9 Comments

Creative Team Member, Adyrane, shows us how to create a new background for an old photo using brushes in Adobe Photoshop.


1. Choose a Brush. Choose a brush that has elements that will blend with your photo. Here, I chose Brush No.6 from ArtPlay Palette Mountain High because of the bikes in the foreground and the foliage off to the right of the building. Stamp the brush on a new layer. Note: It is easier to work on a larger scale when you are creating this type of page, then reduce the size when you are happy with your result.


2. Place your Photo. Place your photo on a layer above the brush layer. Select a Blending Mode for your photo of either Darken or Multiply.  You can always change the Blending Mode on the photo as you work. Position your photo and erase or blend out the edges until your image looks like it is part of your background brush. Here, most of the background above my grandmother’s left elbow was masked out of the original photo.


3. Add Texture. Add texture to your image for interest. Here, TapedTextures were added to the building around the windows, to the clouds, and to the foreground under the wheels of my grandmother’s bike. WoodTextures were added to the foliage.


Click on the above photo for additional process notes and a list of supplies used.

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