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ArtPlay Swell Inspiration

By Thursday, January 19, 2023 (MST) No Comments

Inspiration for using the ArtPlay Swell Inspiration for digital scrapbooking and photo artistry in Adobe Photoshop and Elements.

This post is intended to give you guidance on using ArtPlay Palette SwellArtsyTransfers and co-ordinating digital assets.

ArtPlay Swell Inspiration

Digital Designs Inspiration Swell

Beach Bliss | Barb Houston

1. Extend Your Theme

Use elements from the ArtPlay Palette to extend the theme of your photo artistry page.

  • The twig Embellishment from ArtPlay Palette Swell makes for a great place for the photo subject to sit.
  • Notice how the blue flower Catches the Eye and creates a Focal Point in this digital scrapbooking page.
  • We also love the placement of the Oasis No. 2 brushes to create a Landscape and further support the Theme.


Riptide | Adryane

2. Embellish Image Edges

Place digital art elements along the edges of a blended image to create intentional transitions in your digital scrapbooking layout designs.

  • It’s difficult to create a Seamless Blended Image between 2 different colors in your photo artistry pages
  • You can ease this Transition by placing digital art supplies along the Edges of a blended image.
  • Notice how Adryane as placed transfers and overlays from ArtPlay Palette Swell to create an artsy ‘frame’ to her photo.


Digital Designs Inspiration Swell

Sand Happiness | Linda Davis

3. Framed Partial Extraction

Create an extraction over a blended photo and add a frame to create a focal point.

  • Clip a photo to a FotoBlendz clipping mask or Custom Blend your photo.
  • Duplicate the image, Create an Extraction, and apply a Drop Shadow Layer Style to create dimension.
  • Place a Frame element between the 2 images and Erase areas of the extracted images as needed.


More Inspiration

Click on the images below to access complete digital design supply lists and process notes.

Paddle Board | Miki Krueger

Swim In The Sea | Miki Krueger

Rocks, Mussels and Sand | Barbara Houston

Sand, Shells and Seaweed | Fiona Kinnear

New Friend | Heather Prins

Beach | Ulla-May Berndtsson

1932 Plymouth | Susan Lacy

King Splash | Miki Krueger

Happy Sea | Ana Santos

Swell | Joan Robillard

Paradise | Dorina Petrovics

Easy Breezy | Diane Weber

Swell | Jerri Lantz

ArtPlay Swell Collection



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