Masterly Brushes (3) Master Custom Blending

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Learn to customize the blending of your photos with ease in this 2 part LIVE workshop.


Session 3 of Part 3 in the Masterly Brushes series

Learn more about the Masterly Brushes series.

Master Custom Blending with Photoshop Brushes.

Everything you need to know about blending photos in Adobe Photoshop and Elements.

  • Master the art via step-by-step Guidance and Instruction for blending photos with digital art supplies.
  • Demonstrations via a series of predesigned photo artistry layouts and on-the-fly constructs.
  • Take your blending skills from Basic to Advanced by the end of this course.

Part 1: Basic Blending Techniques (approx. 2 hours)

Introductions to the tools and techniques for custom blending your photos with digital art supplies

What you will learn:

  • Understand the 5 Approaches to custom blending with extensive layout examples.
  • Guidance for selecting and positioning of Photos in your blended photo artistry layout designs.
  • Step-by-step techniques for using the Gradient and Paint Brush Tools to custom blend your images.

Part 2: Advanced Blending Techniques (approx. 2 hours)

Elevate your blending skills from basic to advanced by layering your approach.

What you will learn:

  • Use Brush Settings to vary and enhance your custom blending.
  • Target blending effects using my favorite ‘Puzzle’ blending method.
  • Reverse the process of blending with an Inverse Masking.
  • Apply custom blended effects to Multiple layers by transferring and duplicating Layer Masks.
  • Save time by blending multiple layers  via layer Groups.

Video Content

  • Watch the REPLAYS of3 LIVE sessions.
  • Sessions are available in .MP4 format and available for IMMEDIATE download.
  • Watch .mp4 files on your computer using a Media Player or load into iTunes for viewing on Smart Devices.
  • Demonstrations are conducted in Photoshop CC but Additional Guidance will be provided for Photoshop Elements as needed.

Written Content

  • Course Outline included for your convenience.
  • Comprehensive Written Course Content in .pdf format for BOTH parts of this workshop.
  • BONUS Brush settings guide.


This FREE ArtPlay Palette Skylark will be used throughout this course for demonstrations.

  • Available for IMMEDIATE download on registration.


  • 9 – 12 x 12 Artsy and Solid Digital Papers
  • 15 Dimensional Embellishments
  • 2 ArtsyTransfers
  • 11 Transfers and Overlays
  • 20 Photoshop Brushes (2 Size formats)
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11 reviews for Masterly Brushes (3) Master Custom Blending

  1. crystaldolphins50 (verified owner)

    We have had the first live session and it was filled with so many A-ha moments! I figured out why my clipping masks weren’t always successful and so many tips and tricks for blending photos and images! This class makes you think about how you take photos and which ones will work for what technique.
    I can’t recommend this class highly enough. If I could rate it with 6 stars I would! I have most of Anna’s classes and while I love every one, this is a game-changer for me!

  2. Maggie Adair (verified owner)

    I have learned so much about blending and puzzle blending after doing this class. I think my pages are going to go to a whole ‘nather level. I highly recommend taking this class. There are so many tips and techniques to learn and experiment with. Don’t think about taking this class, just take the class, you will not regret it.

  3. Marilyn Charlesworth (verified owner)

    There is something about the way Anna presents content that resonates with my creative self, and the Master Custom Blending class sessions 3,4 and the bonus session have focused on techniques that I have really integrated as never before. All her classes are good, this one is special!

  4. Kim (verified owner)

    This class is a game changer and shows you how to elevate your digital artistry. As with all of Anna’s classes, this class is full of tips & tricks, clear how-to’s and lots of clearly demonstrated techniques using actual page layouts. The sessions are fun and full of encouragement. I highly recommend adding this class to your learning library.

  5. Julee Brown (verified owner)

    I truly enjoyed this class and gained way more value from this class than the money I spent. Not only did I learn new techniques, I learned how to use Anna’s products in different ways. I am excited to play, repeat, and learn different ways to use stains and paint to contain my photos. As always, Anna’s classes are a great investment into elevating my artisty.

  6. cwryan (verified owner)

    Wow!!! What a great class. I have been trying to learn from reading how other people create their pages, but without any real training in Photoshop. Horrible! But having found Ana’s classes, I am learning now how to “really” do the scrapbooking. This class was just what I needed. I have been re-watching the sessions, over and over. Always picking up something new each time. Really beginning to understand. And one of my efforts was used in this class and was oh-so-helpful to me. Really good feedback. Thanks, Ana

  7. Tina Wilson (verified owner)

    I loved this class. One of my favorite so far.
    The second session featured puzzle blending and in the third session she showed more examples to help me understand it. I learned more about how to contain an image on a page as well as choosing a background paper that works well as a foundation for your photos. I’d never used paint or stain brushes much before but now I see their value for containing photos. Lots of information in this one! Highly recommend!

  8. Valarie Sleger (verified owner)

    As a former software educator, I am most impressed by Anna’s relaxed teaching style, her genuine interest in helping her students, and her calm demeanor in the face of some technical challenges. She frequently asks if there are questions (and then answers them with demonstrations). The course was fun, informative, and easy to follow. Jump in if you are on the fence!

  9. Raymond Easley (verified owner)

    Being my first year with Photoshop and creating pages using blending techniques, this particular class has helped me more than any other. With the ability to review the sessions again by replay, and repeating the techniques, you can begin to see specifically what they do and which seems to help the most. I would like to take any other Brushes class Anna teaches in the future. A job well done and well worth the time, effort, and expense.

  10. Terri Fullerton (verified owner)

    I really loved all of the things that are included in this wonderful class. I loved all of the great tips, suggestions and “whys” of blending, masks, gradients, etc.
    There is so much information that I really need to watch the sessions over again to glean and incorporate all that is taught. Thank you Anna for sharing your expertise in such a nice way. Reinforcing some things you’ve said in the past and so much new information and ideas.
    The only thing that I was disappointed in is that I was away during most of the class, so I didn’t get to use the techniques until the class was over. I asked for help in the Facebook group and sent an e-mail and didn’t receive a reply. I’m sure that it is because of so much going on right now with the new project 2022, the yearly sale and “everyday” stuff. It is still one of my favorite classes I’ve taken.

  11. Lori Smith (verified owner)

    With every Anna Aspnes class I’ve taken, she puts in so much more content and includes tips and tricks than I’m expecting! I thought it was going to be basic help with blending, but it also included so much more. She paces the classes well so we can take a concept and practice a bit, then go back for more concepts and tips and tricks. I def recommend this and all of Anna’s classes!!

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