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Create Depth and Dimension with UrbanStitchez

By Thursday, April 7, 2016 (MDT) No Comments

Creative Team Member, Linda Davis shares how to create depth and dimension with UrbanStitchez on this two page spread.

This is an excerpt of a post on her blog, photostorify.com. You will find the full post here, Depth and Dimension.
Create Depth and Dimension with UrbanStitchez

Create Depth and Dimension with UrbanStitchez

Anna Aspnes’ UrbanStitchez are a favorite for adding depth, dimension and texture to my scrapbooking pages. After extracting my grandson and creating sketches from copies of the photos, I blended the sketches into my page with layer masks. Once my photos and sketches were in place, I considered how I might create more depth on my page.

Create Depth and Dimension with UrbanStitchez

Add UrbanStitchez

I began experimenting with the UrbanStitchez. I dragged a png file of UrbanStitchez 5_9, a fine gauge stitch, onto my document below all the extractions, but above the taped textures and layers from 8×8 Artsy Template No. 1. I positioned the first png file roughly along the foreground line between the sketched player on the right and the extraction of my grandson dribbling the ball. I added a layer mask. With a small, hard round brush I masked out any stitching that appeared where I didn’t want it over the sketch or extraction. I added two more copies of the same png file over the foreground line, flipped one horizontally for variety and added a layer mask to each in order to hide unwanted stitches running along the line in the sketch.

Create Depth and Dimension with UrbanStitchez

Repeat Using Additional UrbanStitchez

I followed the same process for adding stitching to each of the other sketch lines, but I chose a different stitch for each row. In all cases, I did not increase the stitch size. Instead I pieced png files together by overlapping the stitching. Then I added layer masks so that they looked like one continuous line. I also used the mask to hide any unwanted stitching that might show above a leg or foot. For the second and third rows of stitching, I used png files from UrbanStitchez No. 7. Finally, I grounded my grandson and his dad with two more UrbanStitchez from UrbanStitchez No. 2.

Note: I could also have used the .abr brush file of the stitches and stamped each on a new blank layer. As described above, I would have added layer masks to erase unwanted stitches.

Create Depth and Dimension with UrbanStitchezBy placing the UrbanStitchez over the basketball court lines, I emphasized the depth in the scene and added dimension to my page. I also used the UrbanStitchez to ground an extraction. UrbanStitchez are a great tool for adding depth and dimension to a page.

Click on the above photos for additional process notes and supplies used.

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