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FotoInspired Project

FotoInspired October-December 2020

By Wednesday, February 3, 2021 (MST) No Comments

Today, I’m finally able to wrap up my project and share FotoInspired October-December 2020.

FotoInspired October-December 2020

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The FotoInspired Stats

A total of 10 double-page spreads for the final quarter of year 2020.

  •  5 in October, 2 in November and 3 in December.
  • Every day life around here.
  • A short getaway for me.
  • A hunting trip for Eric.
  • Luke’s homecoming and Birthday
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas

Here are my layouts plus some thoughts on catching up on your FotoInspired layouts.

October-December 2020

October | Weeks 40 and 41

October | Weeks 42 and 43

October | Week 43

October | Weeks 43 and 44

October | Weeks 44 and 45

November | Weeks 46 and 47

November | Week 48

December | Weeks 49 and 50

December | Week 51

December | Week 52

Catching Up

Life happens and you fall behind.

  • I have been here SO many times.
  • In fact, I fall behind in my visual storytelling and memory keeping from October to December EVERY year.
  • It’s NOT ideal but it is just the way it goes.
  • LIVE your life first and DOCUMENT later.
  • And in all the years of experience in doing this project, I can tell you it is WORTH it.

How do you make the task less daunting?

  • Let’s face it…It’s not an easy PROCESS.
  • So many pages to CREATE can be a bit tedious not mention overwhelming.
  • Though I love being able to RELIVE the memories as I document them.
  • It’s a great way to FULLY appreciate a time in the year that is always a bit of a blur.
  • The best advice is to keep it as SIMPLE as you can.

Ideas for simplification of the process.

  • Establish the most meaningful STORIES of the month.
  • Include ONLY the photos you really love.
  • LIMIT your DigitalART to one ArtPlay Palette or Collection.
  • Focus more on the photos and words and LESS on the artistry.

Notice how I….

  • Did NOT use every photo I took, but selected the ones that best REPRESENT our family life.
  • Add stories and anecdotes in note format to CONVEY the details without writing a novel.
  • Chose one ArtPlay Palette that best coordinates with the COLOR in my images and make it work.
  • Used the tools in Photoshop to RECOLOR the digital assets as needed.
  • Added FEWER ArtsyPaint elements and embellishments to my digital scrapbooking layout design.

What trick and tips do you incorporate into your process in catching up with your pages? Learn a LOT more about creating a Year in Review project.

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