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FREE Artsy Template, Challenge + Artsy Template Tutorial

By Wednesday, July 15, 2015 (MDT) 17 Comments


At the weekend, I shared the 200th Arty Layered Template in the store with our AnnaNews subscribers.

You can still access this template from the archives when you subscribe here.

An artsy template is a blueprint for creating a DigitalART layout delivered in .psd format designed for use in Adobe Photoshop and Elements, or Paint Shop Pro. The multi-layer format provides you with the opportunity to recolor, modify or clip other images to any of the gray layers in the template to create your own custom pages.

In celebration of this, milestone we’re running a special challenge with the chance to win one of 5 X $5.00 GiftKardz to the store.

Find out how to join in here.

Creative Team Member, Ulla-May, shares her both her page and process for using Artsy Layered Template No. 200 below:

636 zwyck sisters 1000

Click on the image above to access a full list of  DigitalART supplies used to make this layout.

1. Create Foundation. Download, unzip, locate, select then open Artsy Layered Template No. 200.  Open an artsy paper from  ArtPlay MiniPalette Cherish into your work space, click on the background layer to select. Click on the Move tool from the Tools panel then click on the artsy paper file, hold down the left mouse button, drag, then release the left mouse button to drop the artsy paper into position over the background in the template file.

2. Create an Artsy Background. Repeat the Click-Drag-Release process by moving a transfer and another artsy paper onto the layout foundation. Re-size the elements as desired by selecting the Move tool, clicking on the bounding box, then dragging the edges outward/inwards to re-size.  Apply the Color Burn blending mode from the Layers panel by clicking on Normal and selecting the Color Burn option from the drop-down menu.

3. Recolor Layers. Customize some of the gray layers in the template by re-coloring them as desired. Select the layer you would like to recolor in the Layers panel. Got to Edit> Fill, and ensure the *Preserve Transparency* box is checked. Choose a color from the Contents menu using the Color Picker, then click OK.  Recolor text by selecting the Type tool from the Tools panel, highlight the text, then modify the color from the color icon in the options bar.

4. Embellish. Add the lace and postage stamp elements using the click-drag-release technique. Create visual interest by stamping the textures and stains on new layers using the Paint Brush tool from the Tools panel as outlined in this video tutorial. Adjust the color of both the element and brush layers as needed to better co-ordinate with your color scheme.

Try this | Move around the layers on the template using the Move tool from the Tools panel to create multiple designs from the same template.  You can duplicate layers, rotate them and change the blending modes. Clip photos or transfers from ArtPlay MiniPalette Cherish and ArtsyKardz Cherish MultiPack to any of the gray layers as a fun way to custom imagery to your page. 

See 7 Ways to ArtPlay for further guidance on the basic techniques for creating DigitalART in Adobe Photoshop and Element.

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