aA Inspired LIVE 1 April 2024

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Get inspired in this 1 1/2 hr session featuring a series of 9 layout deconstructs and critiques to inspire your next digital scrapbooking or photo artistry layout design – Watch the REPLAY as many times as you like and in your own time 🙂


aA Inspired LIVE 1 April 2024 REPLAY

  • A series of 8 Layout Deconstructs and 1 Submitted Critiques.
  • View how layouts are created Layer by Layer.
  • Dissect techniques and approaches to Inspire your own artistry and memory-keeping pages.


  • Recorded via Zoom on Monday, 1st April 2024 at 2 pm MDT.
  • The REPLAY is available for IMMEDIATE download.

Complete Layout Agenda:

Layouts will be added here as they are received.

1. Artsy heritage double-page deconstruct via Miki Krueger using color, shape and extraction techniques.

2. Expand your use of Blending Modes in this digital scrapbooking deconstruct via Pam Parmer.

3. Interesting ways and practical approaches to using frames in this layout deconstruct via Joan Robillard.

4. Artsify your panoramas in this scenic layout deconstruct via Viv Halliwell.

5. More FotoInspired play in this layout deconstruct via Kim Pay.

6. Translate an idea into your digital scrapbooking and photo artistry leading the inspiration with a deconstruct via Fiona Kinnear.

7. Create extraction clusters in the digital scrapbooking page deconstruct via Diane Weber.

8. In the details of this digital scrapbooking critique via Tina Wilson.

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