Create Custom Element Clusters Part 2

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You have the THEORY and BASICS of element cluster creation under your belt – Now lets put it into PRACTICE with multiple approaches and examples to fill in all the blanks ūüôā


Learn how to create custom element clusters.

  • PERSONALIZE embellishments for YOUR photo artistry and digital scrapbooking pages.
  • Understand HOW group elements to BEST support your PHOTOS and LAYOUT DESIGN.
  • MASTER my step-by-step process to making the MAGIC happen.

What You CAN Expect

1. 1-1/2 HR LIVE Session

  • Session will take place¬†LIVE on 19 April 2021 at 3pm MDT.
  • The class will take place via the Zoom platform.
  • Class link details available on registration.

2. Why You Need this Session

  • Create the PERFECT embellishments.
  • IMPROVE your layout design.
  • Build CONFIDENCE in enhancing your photos.
  • Access a tried and tested BLUEPRINT for creating custom CLUSTERS.
  • Find MORE JOY in the creative process.

3. What You Will Learn

This session is Part 2 of Create Custom Elements Clusters.

  • In Part 1 we cover the¬†ESSENTIALS¬†and a LOT of the THEORY behind cohesive cluster construction.
  • In this session, we will focus on the PRACTICALITIES of creating clusters for a variety of layout designs.

Repetition Deepens the Impression.

  • Learn STEP-BY-STEP approaches to element cluster creation.
  • Observe MULTIPLE examples in a VARIETY of layout designs.
  • View both¬†CONSTRUCT and DECONSTRUCT techniques.
  • Modify clusters for DIFFERENT¬†types of layout designs.
  • Understand WHY an approach works, and also doesn’t.
  • Making MORE¬†clusters for FotoInspired pages.

Learn all my little secrets and elevate your story-telling and digital scrapbooking with these tries and tested approaches

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