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Learn the art of heritage artistry and memory keeping in this LIVE workshop that guides you through my approaches and processes in pairing heritage photos and stories with your favorite DigitalART Designs.

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The Art of Heritage

A workshop providing guidance in beginning and creating your own unique album.

At the start of the year, I embarked on a new Heritage Project, combining my Mum’s ancestry research and stories, with my digital artistry, to create a Heritage project that is both artful, meaningful, and is gaining momentum with each passing month.

You can see the beginning stages of this project in this blog post

The process has been much easier and more rewarding than I had ever imagined.

HeritageLIVE enables you to see ALL of the pages I have created, glean insight into my planning, organizational and creative processes, as well as learn from all my mistakes.

Course Content

1. Getting Started

Advice and strategies for overcoming overwhelm and beginning large projects.

  • The Source of Procrastination and Avoidance
  • Mindset Matters
  • Solutions to Overwhelm

2. Planning for Success

Considerations and guidance for planning your project.

  • Printing Options
  • Bleed and Gutter
  • Finding Balance
  • Visual Flow (Cohesive Design)
  • Single/Double Pages
  • Printing Guidance
  • Page Configuration
  • Layout Design
  • Photo Scanning and Guidance
  • Ancestry Research
  • Selecting and Organizing DigitalART supplies
  • Timeframe Allocation

3. Enjoy The Process

Overview of techniques, approaches and ideas for creating Heritage pages.

  • Enhance Vintage/Damaged Images
  • Add Color and Warmth to Black/White Heritage Images
  • Artsy Approach to Heritage Documents/Newspaper Clippings
  • Combine Old and New Photos
  • No Photo Layouts
  • Extractions verses Blending
  • Scale Your Elements
  • Journaling Ideas and Placement
  • When You Don’t Have All the Answers.

And of course classes by Anna Aspnes Designs are ALWAYS jam-packed with additional extras

Who Is This For?

HeritageLIVE is designed for both Novice and Advanced Digital Artists, Scrapbookers, Memory Keepers and Ancestry Enthusiasts who want to create a cohesive non-template based album or project.

I share how I started this project, my approach to heritage memory keeping, and my process for curating a cohesive project, using my completed pages as examples.

  • You will be empowered to overcome overwhelm and curate your pages into cohesive collections.
  • You will have access to my thought process and learn the approaches behind my own project in order to inspire you to create your own.
  • You will be able to apply and adapt these skills to other themes (such as travel, children and other events for example.)

In depth, layout deconstructions and demonstrations of techniques will be provided in the FOCUS sessions.

Heritage LIVE should provide more than enough content to enable more advanced memory keeps to take flight with a Heritage project, but the FOCUS sessions will provide much greater detail and how-to’s in each aspect of the the course.

Heritage FOCUS Sessions

HeritageLIVE includes some additional FOCUS sessions for those that need further guidance.

  • These are listed as additional class offerings here in the Anna Aspnes Designs store.
  • Each class will provide you with the opportunity to delve much deeper into each of the topics with me.
  • Designed to be mixed and matched according to your interests and preferences.

What to Expect from HeritageLIVE

  • The workshop was recorded LIVE via Go To Meeting platform.
  • The 3 + hour event has been edited and is delivered in 10 sessions.
  • MP4 format sessions range from approx 10-30 minutes each.
  • Dedicated Facebook group to connect and share with other students of this course.

Complementary Downloads

  • Supporting detailed .pdf handout (24 pages).
  • 2 Templates (.psd format)

Software Requirements

  • Demonstrations are conducted in Adobe Photoshop CC, but can easily be followed by Adobe Photoshop and Elements users.

Got a question?

Email me or post in the comments section below.

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9 reviews for HeritageLIVE REPLAY

  1. Trish Hoskin (verified owner)

    As always Anna’s classes are informative, fun and thought provoking. This one has been fantastic to get so many memories surfacing around the family. The session was clear and concise and not only gave a better insight how to construct our work but a great insight to Anna herself and what makes her “tick”. I wasn’t able to join live this time but is well worth the money spent to work throught this. I am still working on getting all my information together to begin and can’t wait.

  2. Beverly Cazzell (verified owner)

    Making digital Heritage pages/albums has been on my list for quite a while. I was excited when Anna announced she was creating a class, and quickly signed up to attend the Live session. Anna’s classes are always thorough and cover more things than I could ever image. Anna walks you through every step of decision making, preplanning and execution of a heritage (or other) photo album. The key for me was the pre-planning and organizing of the older photos, many without stories, names, etc. The information shared in this class is also applicable to making other themed albums, and will strengthen your skills in all areas of creating digital art pages. I highly recommend this class. Anna is always available to answer questions and give extra guidance….she’s a gem of an instructor.

  3. Karen Ing (verified owner)

    This class is a must have if you are starting out with the Anna style. The event was full of useful information to help get any project going. Paired with her 2017 course, it is a great foundation. The course also gave many examples of different styles in order to help us find our own. Anna is your personal cheerleader when you find yourself bogged down.

    Heritage scrapbooking has different challenges and they are addressed in this event. Great course❤️

  4. Terri Fullerton (verified owner)

    HeritageLIVE is an excellent class. It is helpful on so many different levels. It is helpful for working through any size project and really any type of project. Not just for Heritage projects. I especially liked seeing how Anna is working through her own project and the way that it has evolved from inception and is still a work in progress. She explains her process/steps for each of her layouts.

    I also love that there are excellent examples of different styles to use in the project. Ideas for journaling, the use of Digital Art supplies, using blend modes, filters, brushes, transfers, use of black and white photos, using documents, records & memorabilia, no photo layouts, use of elements and lots more.

    The original live event was a little over 3 hours. It is broken up into smaller videos for ease of going back over areas you want to review. The PDF file is great to help me find and remember different ideas.

    Can you tell, I love this class?

  5. francine (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the HeritageLIVE class and Anna’s style of teaching. It is packed with information of her process and approach for creative pages. There are many tips for both pages with photos or (no photos). She has an easy, relaxed approach to creating these pages, so one can start making these layouts right away. She created a FaceBook Group dedicated to HeritageLIVe which I feel is very valuable. This has been a very active group. She monitors the group and is always available for questions. You couldn’t ask for more. I highly recommend this class.

  6. nbriechle (verified owner)

    I am doing a heritage album and this course has been invaluable. The pages are turning out wonderful. So much better than they would have without the class. As always lots of new things to learn. I highly recommend the class even if you are nt doing a heritage album.

    • Anna Aspnes

      Excellent 🙂

  7. prairyk (verified owner)

    I had started a heritage album (traditional style) several years ago and stalled out. Anna’s HeritageLIVE class was just what I needed to kickstart me and begin creating digital artsy pages. She is so thorough and presents the material in an organized manner, making it easy to go back and review any given portion. Anna is also very generous with products to use in layouts and her examples are incredibly helpful.

    I cannot take the classes live because of my internet connection, but I receive the edited replays, which are broken into shorter segments. It’s easier to view the short, focused videos and follow along with the PDF file. Anna is always accessible, answering questions in a timely fashion. She’s also an enthusiastic cheerleader, along with providing constructive suggestions. Her genius comment about one of my layouts—a quick, simple change—made all the difference!

    I’m always surprised at all the LITTLE things I learn in Anna’s classes, and the techniques I’m learning can be used in so many ways—not just a heritage book. I followed HeritageLIVE with the ArtsyDoubles class, learning how to coordinate facing pages, which I generally make. I had been stalking the Oscraps Gallery, had amassed a huge collection of aA Design products, but I wasn’t getting anywhere until I took one of Anna’s classes. And then—the lightbulb went on!

    • Anna Aspnes

      This made my heart smile Kay.

  8. mollywoodphotos (verified owner)

    Not finished with the course yet. But loving every minute of it. My mom did a lot of genealogy work so I have so much to work with. She would have been proud at the work I am doing with her photos.

    • Anna Aspnes

      Slow and steady wins the race. Heritage projects can be BIG but SO rewarding.

  9. Digimadre (verified owner)

    Funny how life takes you down different trails and how one thing leads to another… I had a distant cousin contact me about our Julian ancestry several months ago. She had been following my monthly Heritage articles on the Scrapaneers learning community and contacted me when she noticed my layouts containing Julian ancestors!
    Well, she got back in touch with me this past Friday and explained that she had taken a class or classes with Anna Aspnes and was ready to dive into bringing all her family history research to life with layouts. Of course, that caught my interest and I quickly started my search to see what kinds of classes Anna offers… This Heritage class caught my eye and I knew that I would be signing up, which I promptly did on Saturday and it’s Monday and I’m almost all the way through it!
    I have been researching my family’s history, talking with living older relatives over the years, gathering heritage photos and restoring them when needed, but when it has come to pulling them into a format that I knew would be both beautiful and draw my family members into each page, I have been struggling. Well… to be honest, I have been struggling on how much to include? Should I do a blog? Project Life format? 12×12 format or 6×8? How can I get everything in the pages that I want and how to bring the stories to life… See… I have brought myself to a complete standstill.
    So, between this class, which I will be listening to over again, and the other class I picked up on using the Artsy system that Anna specializes in, I am hoping to unleash my inner happiness and just get started. Anna’s page designs and learning her work flow has been so inspiring! So many thanks!

    • Anna Aspnes

      Yeas to inner happiness! I so enjoyed your story and thrilled to be able to inspire you.

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