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Simple Sketch Inspired Layout

By Thursday, April 16, 2020 (MDT) No Comments

Today, Creative Team Member, Lou Ann Donahue, is sharing a Simple Sketch Inspired Layout.

This tutorial is created in Adobe Photoshop. 

Simple Sketch Inspired Layout


Use your artistry and scrapbooking to find creative joy in life.

  • Living with anxiety with the current world situation and also an earthquake in my area, my creativity has waxed and waned.
  • I have found even with a simple piece of art I can take myself to a safe place with my art.

1. Focus on Simplicity

Keep it simple when you are short on creativity. 

  • Create a File> New Layout and choose a size for your design.
  • Select a digital paper for your layout foundation or background.
  • Establish a focal point using a photo, brush or sketch


  • This layout was created at 9 X 12 inches 300 PPI.
  • Solid Paper #2 from ArtPlay Palette Disquiet was selected for the layout foundation.
  • I wanted to focus on something hopeful so I chose this sketch from Li Li Wee. 
  • You could also draw scan your image and import into Adobe Photoshop.

2. Embellish with Transfers

Using Transfers and Overlays from ArtPlay Palette to add visual interest.

  • Select and position Transfer #2 from ArtPlay Palette Disquiet in the upper right corner of the layout design
  • Open Transfer #4 from ArtPlay Palette Disquiet and Edit>Free Transform.
  • Change the size of the element via CLICK-DRAG-RELEASE  the corners of the Bounding Box.

3. Add Dimension and Interest with Elements

Use elements to add depth to you layout design

  • Add Splatter #1 from ArtPlay Palette Disquiet and go to Edit>Transform>Rotate as preferred.
  • Choose LaceB.png file from ArtPlay Palette Disquiet to create a ‘hair piece’ and rotate as needed.
  • Duplicate LaceB.png via  Layer>Duplicate Layer, and then Edit>Transform>Rotate to place for ‘bangs’ or ‘fringe’ at top of head.
  • Add BabyBreathB.png from ArtPlay Palette Disquiet and place FoliageB.png from ArtPlay Palette Disquiet.
  • Position both element to expand on the the head piece of the illustration.
  • Erase part of stem from FoliageB.png using the Eraser Tool.
  • Go to Image>Adjustments>Invert to change the color of Brush #15 from black to white.
  • Position in the left corner of the layout.
  • Place element #5 from MultiMedia Birds No. 1  on  the stem of FoliageB.png.


Create a digital layout in 3 simple steps to calm anxiety and add a little joy into your day.

  • Establish a layout foundation.
  • Select a focal point.
  • Embellish with DigitalART elements.



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