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Thoughts On Trying Something New

By Tuesday, February 9, 2016 (MST) 7 Comments


I’ve been threatening to paint *for real* for a few years now.

Eric bought me an easel for Christmas a few years ago, but other than making a good stand for photographing a few items, it hasn’t really seen much action

Himself happened to be away this weekend doing his caveman bit. Luke was creating his own kind of havoc with friends.

Ella and I spent Saturday night connecting through texture and color, partaking in some of our own foraging among the paints in my studio.


I’m not sure why the procrastination.

Artist, Peregrine Honig, on the Art For Your Ear podcast by the Jealous Curator suggests around the 17-18 minute mark that procrastination is part of the creative process (If you prefer to protect your ears, please note that the language becomes explicit after 18 minutes).

I actually think she is dead on the creativity.

If I’m honest there is level of procrastination in all my work. I like to have a cup of tea, tidy up my inbox and basically get my head in the game before I start any project. Oftentimes, I know that I’m going to be in the creative zone for a while.

In this case it had more to do with fear.

I heard Ella echoing my own creative insecurities, “What if I mess it up Mom?”

The teacher in me answered, “Then you just paint over it, and you keep on painting until it feels right.”

And that is that is what we did.


Fear in the creative process can be truly debilitating.

It can stop you in your tracks before you even have a chance to just see what might be. Prevents you from dipping your toe in the pool to gauge the temperature so you never get to experience the water.

Overcoming fear is the core reason I began teaching last year – I want to prove to you that the rewards far outweigh the risk involved. One minute your you’re taking that first jump and the next you are swimming in a triathlon.

Ella and I didn’t want to stop painting that night.  Little by little the skies opened, providing a view of more options and bigger dreams. Larger canvases and a wall in my laundry room.

When you open yourself to the possibilities, the surprises just keep on coming.

Not only did the Broncos win Superbowl 50 but I actually watched some of the game. Eric got his trophy pig which will feed us for the next few months. Ella is asking when we can paint again. Luke unfortunately had a headache.

Nothing is perfect, but then again, perfect is a tad boring. The world remains more interesting when there is a little more to learn.

Trying something new breeds new growth and fosters confidence.

If we can do it, then perhaps so can you. Here’s to trying something new…

Join me in class next month and let’s ArtPLAY through some of your own fears.

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