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5 Ways to Use an ArtPlay Palette

By Thursday, January 23, 2020 (MST) No Comments

Today, I’m sharing 5 Ways you can use an ArtPlay Palette.

I’ve been working on a number of different projects over the last several weeks.

1. Create a Greeting Card

Make a greeting card and print at home or online.

My sister and Mum both have birthdays in January.

  • Create a New Layout (File>New) in the size of your choice.
  • Select a size that can be easily printed and mailed in an envelope such as 4 X 6 or 5 X 7 inches.
  • Create your card with an ArtPlay Palette.
  • Personalize with a photo and/or words.
  • Print at home or online.

5 X 7 Inch Birthday Card | ArtPlay Palette Halcyon

8 X 10 Digital Collage | ArtPlay Palette Sashay

My Mum turned 70 years this month, and as I couldn’t be there, I wanted to create something special for her:

  • A photo collage with a variety of photos from different periods of her life blended using a Layer Mask and Brushes with DigitalART.
  • Words were omitted from as my Mum likes to print these sorts of composites.
  • A ’70 Things About You’ was also printed with the photo collage (The 70 Things filled the entire page but I have removed the majority out of respect for my Mum’s privacy.)

2. Get FotoInspired

Document a day, week, month or event using photos, words and DigitalART supplies.

  • See this What is FotoInspired? post to learn everything you need to know about this everyday photos project.

Year 2019 | Week 48 (ArtPlay Palette Halcyon, FotoInspired Template Pack No. 2L (7&8)

3. Make Signs & Stationary

Make signs and stationary such as notebooks for your home.

  • I came across this idea via QBHome on Instagram over Christmas, apparently alongside every other house in my neighborhood.
  • It was only after Christmas that I noticed that snacks began to disappear from our bucket, so I decided to keep it going and update the sign.
  • The designs were taken to Fedex/Office Max via thumb-drive, printed and laminated.

ArtPlay Palette Halcyon

ArtPlay Palette Silver Bells, MultiMedia Reindeer No. 2

You can also create letterhead.

ArtPlay Palette Tinselry, MultiMedia Holiday No. 5

4. Create a Mood Board

Manifest your intentions for the new year.

Good Vibes 2020 | ArtPlay Halcyon Collection

5. All About Me

Embrace the selfie and make you part of the story.

  • I’m rarely in the picture.
  • Ella and Luke are FAR too busy taking photos of themselves, and most of the time it doesn’t even dawn on Eric to use the camera on his phone.
  • So I’ve learned How to use your iPhone Self-Timer and you can too.
  • So SIMPLE and has been a fun little addition to my memory keeping escapades.

And So It Begins | ArtPlay Halcyon Collection

What is your favorite way to use an ArtPlay Palette?

Let me know in the comments below, with a link if you like – I’m hoping you can inspire me too!

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