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ArtPlay Sayonara Inspiration

By Sunday, January 22, 2023 (MST) No Comments

Inspiration for using the ArtPlay Sayonara Collection for digital scrapbooking and photo artistry in Adobe Photoshop and Elements.

This post is intended to give you guidance on using ArtPlay Palette Sayonara, ArtsyTransfers, ArtsyKardz and co-ordinating digital assets.

ArtPlay Sayonara Inspiration

Click on the images below to access complete digital design supply lists and process notes.

Embrace This | Michelle James

1. Recolor Your Supplies

Add a different hue to the ArtPlay Sayonara Collection to better support your photos.

  • Select the digital element that you wish to Recolor, then go to Image> Adjustments> Hue and Saturation (Photoshop) or Enhance> Adjust Color> Hue/ Saturation (Elements).
  • Move the Hue slider to adjust the colors in your digital scrapbooking page.
  • Notice how Michelle applies a Shade of pink to support her Grandaughter’s sassy pose.


  • Useful Techniques in Photoshop and Elements video posted at the top of the Resources page.

Time Kicks | ViVre

2. Repetition of Elements

Lead the eye and create rhythm in your photo artistry using repetition.

  • Notice how the clock is Duplicated 3 times to establish emphasis.
  • The circle Shape is then repeated numerous times to Lead the Eye around the layout design.
  • We love how ViVre used the ribbon to Encircle the date and a round frame to matte her photo.


Reduce | Diane Weber

3. Bright Color Photos

Choose the ArtPlay Sayonara Collection to showcase your boldly colored images in your digital scrapbooking pages

  • Neutral hues make for a simple Foundation when you are using multiple brightly colored photos in your photo book designs.
  • They allow you photos to shine and catch the viewers eye without Competing with them.
  • We love how Diane combines ArtPlay Collections to best support her photos.


More Inspiration

Click on the images below to access complete digital design supply lists and process notes.

Us | Miki Krueger

The Cemetery | Miki Krueger

1954 | Susan Lacy

Covid Week | Diane Weber

Swan Love | Kathy Sacry

Embrace | Joan Robillard

Leatherneck | Susan Lacy

Downton Abbey | Marleen Kuiper

Do All With Love | Jerri Lantz

Everyday Moments | Ana Santos

This is Proof | Adryane

Tulips | Diane Weber

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