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COVID-19 Scrapbook Inspiration

By Tuesday, March 31, 2020 (MDT) 5 Comments

Today I’m sharing COVID-19 Scrapbook Inspiration via the Creative Team.

COVID-19 Scrapbook Inspiration


There is no right or wrong way to document this historic event.

It’s just important to keep creating in a way that is most meaningful to you.

1. Acknowledge Change

Just Like This | Linda

Usually Further Along | Linda

Pandora’s Box | Laura

Notice and document what’s changed, and the speed of the transformation, in your every day.

  • Linda recalls a story from a few weeks ago, acknowledges change and shares some personal feeling about this.
  • She also tells the story of her changing ‘physical’ routine via her Apple Watch.
  • Laura artfully expresses the rapidity of change.

2. Document Events

Onsdag | Ulla May

Assemble or collage images of these world events.

  • Ulla-May admits the current state of affairs around the world is affecting her creativity.
  • Most artists and memory keepers are sensitive souls.
  • The grief of an event like this can be processed therough your scrapbooking or artistry.

 Note. It doesn’t always have to be pretty!

3. Light-Hearted Approach

Where is Everybody? | Miki

Sometimes you just need to laugh, make light or just cope with a difficult situation.

  • Miki creates art and shares her viewpoint of  new ‘social distancing’ term.
  • She also shares how she’s spending her time with some of her personal feelings.

4. History Repeats

Charmingly | Marnie

Hard Times | Marnie

Look back to your ancestors and find camaraderie in stories of difficulty and resilience.

  • Marnie is working on her heritage pages where she is finding comfort and strength from those who also endured hardship in their own time.

5. Micro Storytelling

E is for..| Joan

Scenic | Miki

Just Like This | Anna

Create a layout (or collection of pages) that tell the smaller stories or moments in your day.

  • Joan is working on an ABC project in which she creates a layout daily using the Alphabet as her muse.
  • Miki documents nature as a way of escaping the incessant news.
  • Anna captures single moment with just photos and artistry

6. Process Feelings

Tea Party | Laura

Creativity | Nancy

Here and Now | Trish

Make sense of the world through your artistry.

  • Laura is an extrovert and tries to come to terms with ‘social distancing’ via her artistry.
  • Nancy finds peace and joy in the creative process.
  • Trish ‘art journaling’ approach to ‘Here and Now.’


Document this time in a way that is most meaningful and healing for you.

You May/May Not:

  • Observe what’s changed/stayed the same.
  • Choose to include the timeline of events.
  • Be light-hearted about a bad situation.
  • Look to your ancestors for encouragement and recovery.
  • Focus on the ‘micro’ stories.
  • Process the event through your artistry

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