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5 Creative Ways to Survive Social Distancing

By Sunday, March 15, 2020 (MDT) 6 Comments

Today, I’m sharing 5 Creative Ways to Survive Social Distancing using your photo artistry and scrapbooking skills.

5 Creative Ways to Survive Social Distancing


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

  • Coronavirus has made an unwelcome entrance to our every day and is here for the forsee-able future.
  • But I think it’s hugely important to stay CALM and focus on what we CAN do during these times of adversity.
  • ‘Social Distancing’ has become the phrase of the moment encouraging us ‘to keep our germs to ourselves’ and stay home.
  • Isolation, loneliness and ‘cabin fever’ are all VERY real for those who might be alone and frightened by this new normal.
  • But all of a sudden we have ALL found ourselves with a whole LOT of extra TIME on our hands.
  • And we have this wonderful ability to CONNECT with each other online.
  • Let’s use our CREATIVITY to get through this TOGETHER.


Thinking cap has been in overdrive this weekend as I think of ways I can personally help the Community get through this difficult time.

1. Document The Everyday

2020 Weeks 6 and 7 | Anna

Start a FotoInspired or Project Life style project in which you document this historical event.

You have the opportunity to:

  • Record current events with screenshots of media coverage, socials media and emails.
  • Download images from free-to-use photo resources.
  • Take photos of what’s happening around you to document what’s changing and staying the same during these fast-paced transitions.
  • Capture your unique perspective of what’s happening and how you feel about it in your own words.
  • Create a daily practice that allows find joy in all the chaos.


2. Practice Art Therapy

Hurt (2007) | Anna

Use art as therapy to stay calm and process feelings via art journaling.

  • Art Journaling is simply the process of creating art and adding words to express emotion.
  • Enables you to sit with yourself and explore what you are feeling.
  • Release and work through emotions to heal from trauma.
  • Photo artistry and scrapbooking has been HUGE in working through my own Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE.)


3. Start a New Project

Begin (or finish) a larger more challenging photo project to provide a distraction.

  • Create a photo book or album project that you haven’t had the time to tackle, such as a Heritage Project, Baby Book or Wedding Album.
  • Travel may be off limits for now but that doesn’t mean you can’t revel and lose yourself in the photos of a past vacation or event.ake this undertaking as simple or as complex as you would like it to be via single or multiple projects.
  • See Project 2019 for further guidance on how to create a photo artistry or digital scrapbooking project from start to finish.

Want to do this together?

  • Every December I lead a LIVE workshop in which I guide students through this process.
  • The BIGGEST complaint I receive is that I run this awesome experience at the busiest TIME of the year.
  • Now might be a good time REPEAT the experience.

This is how it works:


Note. I will NOT  be creating any new projects at this time but I will be present daily to offer my guidance, support and encouragement in any capacity I can provide.

4. Learn A New Skill

Take (or finish) a class and take the TIME to practice these new skills.

  • Overcome boredom by challenging your creativity in new ways.
  • Elevate your artistry and scrapbooking by mastering new techniques.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice to make the magic happen.

Learning Resources:

Note. An [aA] Classes SALE was intended to begin on Friday as part of our Annual Birthday Event – I was able and seemed fitting to start this one somewhat early and lower the discounts to make the artistry accessible to all.

5. Make Cards

Use your DigitalART supplies to create a greeting card.

  • Bring joy to friends.
  • Connect with long distance family and show them you are well.
  • Check in with a neighbor.
  • Delight a stranger.



This whole scenario is less than ideal (to put it mildly), somewhat surreal and overwhelming but we CAN choose to make the best of right now.

  • Use your artistry to as a ‘Gratitude Practice‘ and focus on the GOOD stuff.
  • Fill your time by exercising your creativity and those practices that bring you joy.
  • Tell your story with your own unique perspective.
  • Create tangible keepsakes of this historical event for future generations.
  • Try a little art journaling to process what your feeling.
  • Connect and create community via your artistry.

If I can do anything else to support you in this space please do not hesitate to let me know.

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