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FotoInspired Project

FotoInspired March 2021

By Monday, April 19, 2021 (MDT) 2 Comments

Today, I’m sharing my FotoInspired March 2021.

FotoInspired March 2021

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The FotoInspired Stats

A total of 5 double-page spreads.

  • Lots of skiing post COVID making the most of the little snow we’ve had this year.
  • My Father-In-Laws Birthday.
  • School at home prior to returning full-time.
  • Denver’s 4th biggest snow storm in history.
  • My birthday.

Here are my layouts plus some thoughts on ‘Stories Big and Small.’

March 2021

Week 9 | Skiing + Week 10a | Richard’s Birthday + School at Home Week 10b | Richard’s Birthday + School at Home Week 11a | Big Snow Week 11b | My Birthday

Stories Big and and Small

Make these templates work for your photos and I life.

  • What I LOVE about the FotoInspired template format is the FLEXIBITY.
  • They work for ANY number of PHOTOS or STORIES.
  • Create a SINGLE layout with multiple photos and smaller stories.
  • Stretch a BIGGER story over MULIPLE pages to showcase more images.

Let the stories and photos lead your layout design.

  • The NUMBER of photos per story will GUIDE you.
  • You might have a layout dedicated to a single STORY with lots of supporting photos.
  • The design might be made up of unrelated SNAPSHOTS offering a variety of TALES.
  • There really are NO RULES to the composition of your layout designs.

Guidance for Planning your FotoInspired Layout Designs

1. Assess Photos

  • Decide on WHICH photos you want to use in your layouts.
  • Ideally you will want to COPY these images into a SUB-FOLDER.
  • GROUP images together according to their STORIES.
  • Mentally gauge this or create a Folder System as outlined in the Project.
  • You are essentially establishing NUMBER of stories and photos.

2. Choose Template(s)

  • Choose one or MORE templates to accommodate the NUMBER of photos.
  • Pay attention to the SIZE and ORIENTATION of masks in each FotoInspired template design.
  • Ensure enough masks in the template(s) to include ALL photos with some remaining for EMBELLISHMENT.
  • It is BETTER to create 2 layouts than try to SQUEEZE all the photos into one template.
  • Too many photos creates OVERCROWDING and hinders desired BALANCE.

3. Adding Photos

  • You can group a SEQUENCE of photos together to UNIFY.
  • There is, however, BENEFIT to spreading photos with SIMILAR photos across a layout design.
  • Intentional placement of such photos allows same COLORS and SHAPES to lead the viewers eye.
  • Leave ’empty’ masks at intervals offering WHITE SPACE for the eye to rest.

4. Embellishing with DigitalART

5. Journaling

  • Be sure to leave space for your STORIES too!


Note. Make you own rules when creating your layouts.

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