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8 Ways to Digital Art Journaling

By Thursday, April 15, 2021 (MDT) No Comments

Today, Cerative Team Member, Viv Halliwell, is sharing 8 Ways to Digital Art Journaling.

8 Ways to Digital Art Journaling


Digital Art journaling is the fusion of digital artistry and words to convey emotion.

  • A great way to create in the Absence of photos, ‘make sense of the world’ or work through Emotion.
  • Lead your layout design with Words or text-inspired images.
  • Create the artistry and Embellish with DigitalART.
8 Ways to Digital Art Journaling

Create | Viv Halliwell

1. Text Focal Point

Create a point of entry with a single point of focus.

  • Choose an Artsy Paper or Create Your Own using ArtPlay Palettes.
  • Type your words or Quote in the center of the main area of visual interest.
  • Select 2 Different fonts with one being more Bold than the other to support Emphasis and create Contrast.

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8 Ways to Digital Art Journaling

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2. Get FotoInspired

But create with words and digital assets instead of photos!

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8 Ways to Digital Art Journaling

A Happy Mind | Viv Halliwell

3. Frame Approach

Arrange 1 or more frames in a row to showcase your artistry.

  • Photos taken in a local book shop became the Inspiration for this digital art journaling layout design.
  • Blend the photos with Artsy Papers or ArtsyKardz using Blending Modes.
  • Clip the artsy word-inspired artistry to the Clipping Masks in the frames.

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8 Ways to Digital Art Journaling

Story | Viv Halliwell

4. ArtsyKardz Foundation

Place ArtsyKardz in a row or column to create the focal point for your digital art journaling layout design.

  • Add your words in the form of WordART, ScriptTease Brushes and custom script using the Type Tool.
  • Consider Hiding or partially ‘masking’ words and phrases that hold personal Meaning.
  • A running theme throughout Viv’s layouts is to Explore her creativity as art or photography.

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Recipe for Happiness | Viv Halliwell

5. Apply Filter Effects.

Use apps and Photoshop filters to enhance digital images and photos.

  • Use images that insight Joy.
  • Modify the images in Photoshop by applying Filters or process using Apps on your smart device.
  • Align embellishment and word elements with the edges of the images.

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6. Negative Space

Create a minimalist design with white space to intentionally shift the focus to the words.

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7. Blend Your Words

Apply Blending Modes to a variety of words to augment your digital art journaling.

  • Take a photo that includes words and clip to a FotoBlendz mask or blend with AnnaBlendz Artsy brushes.
  • Add the text in the Color of your choice or recolor as preferred.
  • Apply Blending Modes to each of these approaches and experiment to make the magic happen.

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8 Ways to Digital Art Journaling

Patience | Viv Halliwell

8. Blur The Boundaries

Add elements to break up harsh lines and create blended transitions.

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Use words in place of photos to create the focal point of your layout design.

  • Start with the Quote, a word-inspired Photo, or even a favorite Color Palette.
  • Next choose DigitalART supplies to tell the Story and support the Emotion behind your digital art journaling design.
  • Choose elements that lead the eye, Enhance the artistry and Fulfill the creative experience.

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AND IF YOU LIKED THIS 8 Ways to Digital Art Journaling  POST, we invite you to create your own digital art journaling endeavors and post YOUR ARTISTRY AND TO THE ANNAGALLERY.

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