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Make The Project Yours

By Tuesday, November 27, 2018 (MST) 2 Comments

Today I’m sharing my completed Project 2017 and providing guidance on how to make the Project yours.

Make The Project Yours

Project 2018 Begins Soon

It’s exciting to be starting another digital artistry project.

Is it the most convenient time of year? Absolutely NOT, but is it ever a GOOD time?

This is actually my busiest time of year both at home and at work.

December is, however, the perfect time to gather, collect and reminisce.

It’s the end of another annual milestone and the perfect time to pick a theme and create a project that reflects your year.

If you don’t do it now, another year will have flown by, along with the opportunity to document memorable life experience.

Time waits for no-one.

A project does not have to be about family or the Holidays.

It can be anything you want it to be.

From today, yesterday or years past – You get to choose.

There are NO RULES to any project other than it being something you want to create.

It could be:

  • A travel album.
  • Reflections on a phase in life such as a wedding, marriage, being Grandparents/parents, career, place or places you’ve visited.
  • Favorite quotes or Memorabilia.
  • A simple collection of favorite photos.
  • Celebration of accomplishment.
  • Connection of past and present.
  • Changing seasons.
  • A tribute to some one, place or thing.
  • Inspired by prompts.

The options are endless.

Some of the themes we’ve got going this year:

‘Last year my daughter gave my husband a box of 73 things to do through out the year for his birthday. I was thinking of doing a album documenting the fun we’ve had using inspirational quotes.’ – Miki

‘This book is the family year in review – It is broken down into sections. Celebrating the men in our lives, celebrating the moments of our life, celebrating each family within our family and finally for the first time celebrating the giving we do as a family. We have 5 world vision children – one for each family and I want to bring them into the family picture for the first time this year. This past year we started funding a mindfulness program in our local school district as well. it is something we want to build on as a family and I want to bring it more into the fabric of our life. What better way to do that than with our annual year in review.’ – Cheryl

‘A year in review of my photography. Dividing it into 4 seasons.’ – Jeanne

Because I did last year, I began think about a project almost as soon as I finished. I am excited to have a book of my favorite photos that I can show to people without having to sort through all my pictures.’ – Joan

I’ve loved reading everyone’s ideas and know positively what my subject will be. My husband is a lymphoma cancer survivor (4-1/2 years now). This passed February, we were blessed by a visit from my husband’s stem cell donor, a young man from northern Germany whose stem cell transplant saved my husband’s life! So, there’s not even a question about this book’s subject and with all of the organization and Anna’s beautiful templates, I’m SO excited to see the finished book and share it with our Daniel!!!!!!’ – Diane

There is SO much inspiration happening in our Facebook group.

A Tandem Project Approach

Working on 2 projects at the same time.

This year I’m feeling extra-inspired (thanks to all those who are joining me on this annual adventure).

I plan to work on 2 albums at the same time, to establish a tandem artistry approach.

I will be creating Holiday AND travel-themed projects.

  • Every year I create a project that shares some of the untold stories of our year, where we are now and what we have accomplished, which all collides with a little Holiday magic.
  • You can view my Project 15 Year Evolution here and the creation of a layout from my Project 2016 here.
  • I’m also super-interested in connecting photos from present with past with the idea that, while life continually evolves, a lot of it stays the same.
  • My secondary project will be our Christmas trip to Scotland last year.

Will I complete both projects by the end of the year?

It’s highly unlikely, but if I don’t make an effort I won’t know.

It’s better to do something, than nothing at all.

There is Great Power in Numbers

See my Project 2017 in it’s entirety below:

It’s one thing to create a layout, but a collection of pages just warms my heart every time.

It has me coming back each year, in spite of the hustle and bustle at the end of the year.

It’s just SO worth it.

How will you Celebrate your Year?

Project Begins on Saturday

And it’s not too late to join in on making the magic happen before the end of the year.

Guidance and instruction is available in written and video format to help you select your theme and set your self up for success.

I’m a huge advocate of planning and provide you with a step-by-step process to guide you all the way.

Learn more and register here.

You even get a $15.00 coupon to get you a crazy 78% discount on Project Template Album No. 4

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