Creative Artistry With ToolSets


Learn how to get Creative with a variety of brushes and use them as ‘Tools’ to Enhance any digital scrapbooking and photo artistry projects.


Creative Artistry With ToolSets

A LIVE class in 2 parts providing guidance for using Adobe Photoshop Brushes as ‘Tools’ to enhance your photo artistry and digital scrapbooking pages.

The How, Where and Why to use Brushes as ‘Tools’


  • The Function of ToolSets in designing and embellishing your photo artistry layouts.
  • How they can add Visual Interest in a non-pictorial/or theme-enhancing approach.
  • Recognize their distinguishable Element Properties and use them with Design Principles.
  • Work Non-Destructively and combine with Special Effects to enhance your artistry.


  • What ToolSets are and how they can Enhance your layout designs.
  • Loading and using ToolSets with the Paint Brush and Eraser Tools.
  • The Advantages of applying Blending Modes to ToolSets.
  • Identify 6 Types of brush Characteristics in ToolSets.
  • Understand how these different Element Properties can provide ‘clues’ on their successful usage.
  • Answer Questions to guide you in determining these Visual Commonalities.
  • Use this Information to successfully place brushes according to recognized Design Principles.
  • Understand the importance of creating a Harmony between Balance and Contrast in your layout designs.
  • Get Creative with using ALL types of brushes to Elevate your digital scrapbooking and photo artistry pages.
  • Modify brushes to create New!! ToolSets using 3 different Techniques.
  • Build your own ToolSets and Save them for Forever usage.
  • Use brushes to make Adjustments to a variety of digital art elements in your Archives.
  • Apply Non-Destructive approaches to the use of ToolSets in your artistry.
  • Combine ToolSets with Blending Modes for greater Depth in Visual Interest.
  • Master the Clipping Mask technique for better embellishment.

Video Content

  • 2 X LIVE sessions with class REPLAY recorded via Zoom.
  • Each session will be 1- 1/2 – 2 Hours in duration and will take place on Consecutive Days.
  • Sessions will be available for IMMEDIATE download in .MP4 format shortly after each event.
  • Watch .mp4 files on your computer using a Media Player or load into iTunes for viewing on Smart Devices.
  • Demonstrations will be conducted in Adobe Photoshop CC. 

Notes to Photoshop Elements Users

  • Any variations for Adobe Photoshop Elements will be Verbally cued, included in the Written Content (see below) and Demonstrated in Photoshop Elements when appropriate.

Session Schedule

  • Session 1: Monday 19th June 2023 at 2pm MDT
  • Session 2: Tuesday 20th June 2023 at 2pm MDT


  • Step-by-step layout deconstructs and demonstrations with Comprehensive explanation of techniques and approaches.
  • Inspiration for using a Variety of Brushes in creative ways to enhance your photo artistry and digital scrapbooking pages.
  • The Homemade BrushSet Bundle with a few Notable tool additions.
  • Post class Support via email as needed.

Written Content

  • 11-Page comprehensive Written Course Content in .pdf format.
  • Step-by-step guidance for how, why and where to use ToolSets in your memory keeping.
  • Course content provides ALL the ‘notes’ you need for BOTH sessions.
  • Schedule of Sessions with Class Link Access included.
  • A Cheat Sheet will be provided prior to our first session to Assist you with the techniques shared.

BONUS Digital Supplies

Complementary ‘Tools’ to enhance the Homemade BrushSet Bundle 

  • Includes 10 BONUS Photoshop Brushes in .abr and .png format.
  • The majority of these ‘Tools’ are Exclusive to this class.
  • Available for IMMEDIATE download on registration.
  • The Homemade BrushSet Bundle is NOT included but used to Demonstrate the techniques in this class.

Special Offer

SAVE $15 when you register before Monday 19th June 2023

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